Mantra for self awareness

Dr Adarsh Sharma
“Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha Nirvighnam kuru me Deva sarva kaaryeshu Sarvada” The meaning of this Sanskrit mantra is _Oh Lord Ganesh with curved trunk and massive and majestic body, the One whose radiance is equivalent to infinite billions of Suns; Oh Lord, i seek refuge in your feet to free my path from all obstacles and bless me, so that all my efforts may manifest successfully.
The origin of this divine mantra is in the ancient Vedic period. Although there still isn’t complete certainty, it is believed that the mantra first appeared in the Mudgala Purana.
It is believed that Vakratunda Mahakaya mantra in Sanskrit is said to have been given to Lord Ganesh by his father Lord Shiv to banish all obstacles on his path and to be used for all kinds of prosperity, knowledge,wisdom and love.
By chanting this mantra, the devotee first expresses his gratitude to Lord Ganesh before requesting success and freedom from all obstacles.
Lord Ganesh is portrayed in red having human body and an elephant head, a curved trunk, a broken tusk which symbolises sacrifice, a large belly symbolises that whole universe resides in him or he can assimilate whole universe thereby preaches his followers- assimilation of all the good and bad phase of life. He is mainly pictured holding:
A Noose (Pasha) it means he leads his followers to the path of truth. He holds the attention of the seeker constantly towards the Higher and pulls us nearer and nearer to the Truth.
The Axe not only cuts all the obstacles and troubles of his followers but it also symbolises detachment. He cuts his followers from worldly attachments to path free from bondage.
Motichoor Ladoo
He rewards his followers for their Good Karma
Helps the Lord to remove hurdles from his followers lives.
Which invites his followers to seek knowledge continuously
Lord Ganesh always has one of his arms extended to show that he will always bless those who come to his refuge for help. Despite being so powerful and mighty,Lord Ganesh rides on a mouse to remind everyone to be humble even when they are on top
Lousy mouse as his vehicle also symbolises control over fear hesitation, weakness doubt and nervousness which the mouse symbolises. The Lord removes these obstacles to facilitate success and achievements.
The Vakratunda Mahakaya Mantra is not only sign of devotion to Lord Ganesh but it also gives you confidence and protection against all obstacles It helps to cleanse out negative energies and attract fruitful results. The benefits of the mantra are beyond finishing tasks successfully including;
* The mantra opens up the mind’s blocked channels to creativity focus,inspiration and wisdom.
* The mantra helps in keeping anger and ego in check while fostering a sense of humility & acceptance which makes you more conscious of the things you do.
* Finding solutions to conflicts that will make you see a reflection of yourself and act mature & considerate as a human being
* Prioritising goals since the mantra make you focus on your wishes.
* Avoid procastination through concentration and focus.
* Letting go of your flaws and accepting yourself the way you are.
* Focussing in meaningful work or finding meaningful aspects in life.
* Healing from anxiety and getting rid of overwhelming thoughts.
* Developing compassion and becoming more empathetic towards others
* Last but foremost Feeding your soul with knowledge and wisdom.
* With intense and continuous practice,it instills a deep sense of self-awareness leading to attainment of Moksha.