Malicious propaganda

It is quite disturbing that the ongoing electoral process for Parliamentary elections is assuming an ugly shape with each passing day. The political parties are seen indulging in mud-slinging and verbal spat. This has vitiated the whole election atmosphere. Most of the abuse has been hurled on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
This type of libelous propoganda against the PM of a largest democracy in the world does not appear nice. It would be nice if we raise issues of public importance which will be welcomed in the people’s domain. The model code of conduct has to be maintained and anyone whosoever violates it should be punished by the Election Commission of India. The politicians of the country yearn to be rulers which demands healthy criticism not hypocrisy. Inducing responsibility towards the nation building rather than ridiculing the opponent will return dividend so far as present political scenario of the country is concerned. Libelous propoganda is lethal for the politicians of the day.
S N Raina