Malicious campaign

A country whose very coming into being having been on the basis of two nation theory and exclusiveness with percentage of religious minorities from 21% in 1948 coming down to alarming 1.2% , nearly touching extinction levels, speaking about minority treatment sounds queer, bizarre and incongruous. Imran Khan, the Pakistani Prime Minister speaking about the “treatment” of minorities in India should think twice and excepting lauding the role of the successive Indian Governments in treating its minorities at par and with equal rights and respect with other sections of the majority community, should speak nothing else. The constitution of India, the judiciary of the country, its laws and above all the religo- cultural traditions of the Indian society are all rock bases of treating all Indians equally and without any discrimination.
Giving an analogy of “second class citizens” was not only amounting to spreading canards but was mischievous in nature and in keeping with the traditions of Pakistan in spreading hate and lies against this country. The spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs Ravesh Kumar has rightly termed the remarks of Khan as egregious insult to all citizens of India. Either Imran Khan lacks knowledge about the greatness of India’s secular polity and way of life or was, under a design, spreading malicious campaign against India which must be met with all the condemnation it deserves. India, unlike Pakistan has eminent leaders of all faiths who occupy its highest constitutional and official positions and India needed neither any certificate from a country spreading and manufacturing terrorism and religious fanaticism nor any comment as her credentials are not only suspect but laced with spreading hate and animosity between different sections of the society. Pakistan should not gather cheeks to lecture India on plurality and treatment to minorities.