Making a hogwash of ceasefire

Only four days back, through these very columns while we had generated lot many hopes of the ceasefire understanding of 2003 between the two countries being given a chance again at the instance of the aggressor neighbour Pakistan and had expected the travails of our border residents to end  so as  to return to their hearths and homes which they had deserted to move for safety to other areas, we at the same time, had expressed our apprehensions about Pakistan keeping its word. Unfortunately and shockingly, our apprehensions have been turned into reality by inveterately treacherous and undependable Pakistan, blatantly and flagrantly violating the latest May 29 “ceasefire understanding”.
Just within six days, ghoulish nature of Pakistani establishment is seen again at work. It breached the ceasefire agreement after Pakistani DGMO virtually cajoled and desperately beseeched his Indian counterpart to agree for a ceasefire, the crummiest part of Pakistan’s unreliability and dubious character got duly projected by its troops resorting to heavy mortar shelling and firing on June 3 in wee hours of the morning which was totally unexpected, unprovoked, without any cause, reason or basis.
Call it a Border Action Team  (BAT) operation or any other nefarious design, Pakistan has proved that it can never be trusted or it can never be taken as a responsible nation committed to honour and sustain bilateral agreements and understandings.  It has an agenda against India and its military and numerous terror outfits with medieval frenzy are always in tandem to tear apart and torpedo all efforts and understandings that lead to anything like peace, friendship , co-operation and maintaining the sanctity of borders.
Pakistan needs to introspect if not feel ashamed, over using long range guns to directly target forward BSF posts and more shockingly, civilian areas in Pargwal and Kanachak sectors in Jammu District. The intensity of the shelling can be gauged by the fact that number of mortar shells started landing in the villages at Pargwal, Kanachak, Shamachak and even Jhiri  which is away from the International Border.
This extreme hostile and invasive act of Pakistan resulted in the martyrdom of our two brave hearts from the BSF besides injuries caused to 15 civilians and a Police constable.
The brunt of such senseless and trickery attacks of Pakistan is always faced by our border residents. This time, a record number of 30000 villagers had been affected in 31 villages in Pargwal and Kanachak sectors. In the dead of night, they were virtually trapped not knowing where to go as the only road known as ‘lifeline’ of the people is surrounded by Pakistan border from two sides. This road is exposed to firing from Pakistan. Vital Chenab bridge has become a necessity now as never before and must see the work on it going with tremendous speed. That apart, any civilized nation can never repeatedly target and dislocate civilians for no fault of theirs.
The utter debasement and treacherousness of Pakistan lay not only in making a mockery of the ceasefire just within 6 six days and starting afresh its manifestations of truer colour but attacking our side in the dead of night when the village residents, men women and children, were fast asleep in their dwellings perhaps enjoying carefree sleep since the war and terror demon had promised civilized behavior. The intensity of Pakistani shelling was in perfect match with its war hype mindset constantly milled and reshaped on the soil of Pakistan jointly by “all governments” in power since the deposed but three times Prime Minister of Pakistan himself admitted that in his country, the dream of Jinnah, there were more than one but not less than three parallel Governments in Pakistan functioning simultaneously. How could they allow even a microscopic fraction there, try mending fences with India since any type of truce was never in their interests.
The question is both for the Government as well as for  peaceniks.  Can Government of India ever trust and believe Pakistan? Peaceniks must now do self introspection to stop parroting “talk with Pakistan” as that country believes not in “talks” or “peace initiatives”: or any type of truce efforts . It is misusing religion and under that cover spreading terror throughout Kashmir valley and simultaneously flaring up reprehensive border misadventures. Government of India needs to adopt a firm policy which is not ambiguous or defensive so far as the rogue nation is concerned.


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