Major terror attack foiled

One of the suspected major terror attack, rather a sinister plan of causing wide spread disturbances was foiled on Friday by security forces in Nagrota, Jammu in which three dreaded Pakistani terrorists on a Fidayeen mission were gunned down in a fierce three hour long gun battle. This “squad” was planning to head towards South Kashmir after crossing the International Border between Dayala Chak and Hiranagar in Jammu division. Kudos to an alert and brave police constable Bhom Raj who was the first to spot the terrorists in the truck and was fired upon which unfolded the entire treacherous and diabolical plan to reach Srinagar along with a huge quantity of the arms and ammunition wrapped in polyvinyl bags. The latest Nagrota operations is reminiscent of the one of September 13, 2018 at JajjarKotli, again in Jammu region, in which three Pakistani terrorists were gunned down. This group of terrorists believed to be from the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror organisation was carrying sophisticated automatic rifles including US made M4-sniper rifle, explosives, wire (fence) cutters, walkie-talkie sets, binoculars and other ammunition which have been seized by the security forces. Besides, seized phones from them, have reportedly given vital clues to the investigating team of the police.
Three Over Ground Workers (OGWs) of the militants along with the driver of the truck, their handler Sameer Dar too were arrested by the Special Operations Group (SOG) and police. These OGWs had gone to Punjab to contact militants through the use of internet as in Jammu and Kashmir internet services are minimised since August 5, last year. Such activities, it is under -stable, would have been going on in the UT itself had the internet services been not curtailed. While the action of security forces in the entire operation right from checking the truck, finding the ultras having squeezed themselves safely in a cavity made from out of the merchandise “carried” by the truck engaging them after being fired upon and eliminating three is highly commendable, it is at the same time, worrying as to how they managed to cross the International Border along with such a huge quantity of arms and ammunition.
It is worth noting that Sameer Dar, resident of Pulwama’s Gund Bagh, the truck driver, happens to be the cousin of Adil Ahmed Dar, who was the JeM bomber responsible for blowing up a CRPF convoy in Pulwama on February 14 last year in which 42 jawans were martyred. The truck is believed to have made two “sorties” of ferrying militants during the night hours itself. In all, it raises certain vital questions about the active involvement of terror groups operating in Pakistan from where these militants, fully armed are sent to this side to create disturbances. That country, even at the brink of economic disaster and where basic daily requirements of keeping body and soul together for millions of people living there has become very difficult, has not changed its policy of sponsoring and pampering terror to create disturbances in Kashmir. That the remaining militants in the valley, particularly in South Kashmir are running short of weaponry and ammunition, has now got fully known due to the continued operations by the security forces against them and their vertebra having virtually been broken, especially the ranks of the Jaish-e-Mohammed and its consequent decimation is realised by Pakistan which appears to be desperate to revive militancy and keep the nefarious morale of the remaining militants “high” by attempting to replenish their seized and destroyed arms and ammunition.
The recent successful operation at Ban Toll Plaza Nagrota, against the terrorists, was bound to further frustrate any fresh attempts of Pakistan to keep trouble and disturbances simmering in Kashmir as otherwise that country was greatly shocked over no violence of any sort, not to speak of spontaneous protests etc, having taken place in the UT, in particular in Kashmir, in the wake of the constitutional changes including annulling of special status under Article 370 of Jammu and Kashmir which took place in early August last year. Kashmir was not only returning to absolute normalcy progressively but the Union Territory was marching ahead on the path of development and progress, people were fed up with the three decades old Pakistan sponsored terrorism and wanted complete peace.
The desperation of Pakistan and pampered terror outfits over there in reviving militancy and rather arming them with more lethal weapons can be seen by the militants carrying M4 carbines, which are deadly weapons, high end satellite phones, wireless sets and Global Positioning Systems. Had this type of weapon fallen in the hands of the militants, it could have posed precarious threat to security forces. While our security forces deserve accolades for the Nagrota operations, at the same time it puts on them added responsibility of increasing their levels of vigil, search of suspected vehicles including passengers vehicles especially during night hours as most of such movements of arms, ammunition and militants can take place during that time.