Maintaining vital record of power projects

Maintaining records is as important as creating records in the sense that today’s documents , papers, recordings , vital notes are important not only for the present but for future also and keeping a record and retrieving the same in case of need is very important. Paradoxical , it may appear that Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation does not have any system or any mechanism to maintain vital records like Memorandum of Understandings, Environment Impact Assessment studies and lease agreements of the power projects owned and operated by it in different parts of the State.
Such unbelievable shortcomings in the institutions and Departments under the control of Jammu and Kashmir Government would have perhaps never surfaced in public glare had someone not filed some RTI to know some details about 11 power projects like MoUs, Environment Impact Assessment studies , lease agreements , Companies which executed works and the like. It is not to be taken lightly as in case of any dispute or the problem associated with other functions of the Department , if any one was going to lose and suffer , it was the Department and the State Government only. The Government must take a serious note of the same and probe into the unpleasant “development” as also how it could be resolved effectively.