Delaying reservation to IB residents

Is the Department of Social Welfare delaying the matter in respect of reservation of nearly three lac people living in 350 villages along the International Border in Jammu and Kashmir on the pattern of those living near the Line of Actual Control? If it is not so, which factors do come in the way of the issue as Central Government too was desirous of clearing the recommendations in this regard by the State Commission for Backward Classes at an early date preferably before Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘s State visit of February 3.
We see that complete inactivity was manifest in the follow up measures at the Department of Social Welfare levels for nearly three months , it has chosen other ways to have it delayed under the pretext of accessing more details in the matter from certain quarters which curiously enough have no locus standi in the matter or any jurisdiction therein. May we ask as to what advice or any information was required to be sought from authorities like the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir when the prospective recipients of the facilities live over a stretch of area from Lakhanpur to Akhnoor only. We have reliably learnt that “details ” have been sought in respect of such villages in the jurisdiction of the DC Kashmir which are within an area of Zero to six kilometres from the International Border. If these are not deviational and deferring tactics of prolonging the resolution of an issue simple and non complex by its very nature, what else is it ?
When the State Commission for Backward Classes had as early as in September last year formally recommended for according benefits of reservation to people living in border villages within an area of zero to six kilometres from the International Border by amending sub rule C (11) of the rule 4 of J&K Reservation Rules 2005 and recast it as ” residents of the areas adjoining the Actual Line of Control, ” what kept the recommendations from fructifying into a practical shape ? It may be recalled that the residents of the areas adjoining Actual Line of Control with Pakistan and China in Jammu and Kashmir have already been provided reservation benefits to the extent of 3 per cent. The fact that the people living along the International Border are intermittently suffering on account of firing and skirmishes , cross border firing and similar incidents facing hazards like damages to life and property the same should naturally otherwise evoke sympathy from the concerned authorities but a negative and unhelping mind-set is all appearing to be delaying the issue despite knowing fully how even in severe hostile conditions created by the neighbouring Pakistan , people are often subjected to dislocation and displacement having deleterious effects on their physical and psychological aspects. The worst sufferers are students whose studies are suffering and who cannot under normal circumstances compete with their counterparts living in comparative peaceful areas. It would have been appreciated had this issue been resolved much before or on the visit of the Prime Minister to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. If the concerned people nurse feelings of having been let down , ignored and even discriminated against on account of watching how the State Social Welfare Department was delaying the matter, they are not to be blamed. We would like the issue to be resolved at an early date looking to the nature of its sensitivity.


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