‘Maintain laser-like focus’ to get air operator certificate: Jet Airways CEO tells employees

NEW DELHI, May 6: A day after Jet Airways conducted its test flight to get the air operator certificate (AOC), its CEO Sanjiv Kapoor on Friday asked his staff to “maintain laser-like focus” and said “there is no room for complacency”.
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), a statutory body of the Indian Government to regulate civil aviation, grants operators license to fly their aircraft for commercial purposes after they conduct successful test flights.
Thursday’s test flight by Jet Airways to and from the Hyderabad airport was part of this exercise as it is gearing up to re-launch operations under its new promoters Jalan-Kalrock Consortium.
“Yesterday was a momentous and emotional day for all of us, with a Jet-registered aircraft, flown by Jet crew and with a Jet call-sign, back in the air after a gap of more than years!” Kapoor said in his e-mail to employees.
Jet Airways has not operated since April 17, 2019.
After the test flight, Kapoor said the aircraft has been re-born on its birthday — May 5.
“The amount of goodwill this generated has been overwhelming. This is the first time ever an airline has been revived and flown under its original call-sign and name after suspending operations for an extended period. It is truly a historic moment!” he mentioned.
In his e-mail, Kapoor said he found it hard to hold back tears far away at Dublin in Ireland, and that he can imagine what it must have been like for all of the employees, who have been silently toiling away and waiting and praying for this day to come.
“This sets us up for our proving flight soon, and thereafter our AOC. All of the hard work by the entire team and promoters coming to fruition!” he said.
“Let us now maintain laser-like focus on the AOC. No room for complacency, we still have a job to do – to get the AOC and then get Jet flying commercially again, operating the safest, classiest, most people-focused, and most loved airline in India!” he added. (PTI)