Made in India Li-Ion batteries soon: Geete

NEW DELHI: India will soon be able to manufacture lithium-ion batteries and will not be dependent on China for importing the key component used in electric vehicles as the Government accords “top priority” to pushing e-mobility, Union Minister Anant Geete said today.

The Minister said steps have already been taken up by the Government to start manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries in India.

“At present the world needs to import lithium ion batteries from China and Rs 50-60 lakh is only the cost of the battery (for buses). If the battery cost is reduced the total cost of electric vehicles will become affordable and commuters will also have to pay less,” Geete told reporters here on the sidelines of launch of electric bus by Goldstone-BYD.

He further said, “My ministry has made efforts in this direction and soon we will be able to manufacture lithium-ion batteries in India.”

The Minister launched Goldstone-BYD’s ‘eBuzz K6′ electric feeder bus, the first made in India electric bus to be exported to Nepal. (AGENCIES)