LS polls: EC uses social media to nudge electors to vote

LS polls: EC uses social media to nudge electors to vote
LS polls: EC uses social media to nudge electors to vote

NEW DELHI, Apr 7 : The Election Commission has launched a variety of campaigns across social media platforms to nudge young and urban voters to cast their ballot in the Lok Sabha elections.

The poll watchdog has also initiated a campaign urging people to first verify then amplify what they get on social media related to elections.

Polling for seven phase Lok Sabha elections will commence from April 19 with June 1 being the last phase.

According to the EC, it is nudging young and first-time voters through ‘Turning 18’ campaign, urging them to come to the polling station to vote.

‘You are the One’ campaign seeks to recognise importance of different stakeholders in the election process, including polling machinery, in ensuring that no voter is left behind.

From voters and political parties to booth level officers (BLOs), ground staff, polling parties, administrative personnel, media professionals, central forces, and security personnel, each stakeholder plays a vital role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of the electoral process.

Through engaging storytelling and captivating visuals like ‘Whatever it takes — we walk the extra mile, so you don’t have to’, the campaign highlights the dedication and commitment of individuals in ensuring free, fair and participative elections.

In response to the proliferation of fake news and misinformation online, the poll body said it has introduced the ‘VerifyBeforeYouAmplify’ initiative as highlighted by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar recently.

The campaign seeks to bust fake news and urge people to exercise caution and diligence before sharing information on social media platforms.

“This proactive measure aims to empower citizens to verify the accuracy and authenticity of content before amplifying it, thereby mitigating the spread of false information and safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process,” the poll body said on Sunday. (PTI)