London used taxpayers’ money to pay for reports against Labour party

LONDON, Jan 5:The Anonymous hacktivist group published a new batch of documents proving that the Conservative Party-led UK government has been spending taxpayers’ money on a campaign against the opposition Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, which unleashed, namely, on the state-funded BBC broadcaster and in The Guardian newspaper.
Late on Friday, the group published documents and invoices, which it claims are the evidence showing that the Integrity Initiative project carries out analysis of the activities of the UK opposition Labour Party and Corbyn, as well as the RT broadcaster, with the use of UK taxpayers’ money. The documents, particularly, concern the coverage of the Salisbury poisoning incident and the situation in the Middle East, namely in Syria. The documents include reports on RT’s activities and invoices for writing them for Integrity Initiative.
According to the documents, released on website, the paid-for reports have been published in a range of UK media outlets, including the BBC and The Guardian.
The publications provided an analysis of the Labour Party’s activities and related statistics, as well as arguments explaining why the party had losing position in the UK political arena.
Moreover, the Conservative Party has been paying for speeches delivered by speakers from Integrity Initiative’s Institute for Statecraft.
“To prevent the conservative ministers from lying to the people from the benches of the UK Parliament we have decided to publish another part of the documents that will help make the investigation more honest and open,” the hacktivist group said.
Anonymous has also revealed the names of people who had received orders from the Conservative Party, as well as receipts and reports on the work undertaken.
According to the hackers, some of the reports and services have been paid for directly by the Foreign Office, which scans of relevant payment documents prove.
The UK Foreign Office has recognized the authenticity of the documents, which were released by Anonymous last year, concerning London’s interference in EU countries’ affairs and waging an information war against Russia.
Anonymous also claimed that the Integrity Initiative included covert structures to interfere in domestic affairs of several European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia, Spain, and Montenegro.