Litigations and role of Govt officers

When departments from where employees including the officers were drawing salaries and perks or enjoying and earning dignified and comfortable livelihood were imperilled financially and otherwise due to whatever mode , omissions and commissions by the same employees, what locus standi do such employees have to even remain in such departments which get sustenance from the public funds. And when litigations are there involving crores of Rupees , should it not bother nonstop and disturb the night sleep of those officers who were committed to monitor, follow and see that these litigations were taken care of just like as if those were their personal litigations, for or against.
It is really shocking to observe such state of affairs being rampant in almost all Engineering Departments infested with a casual and ”no one’s baby ” approach towards issues and litigations where public funds in crores were at stake . Such an entirely unacceptable , intolerable and by all means avoidable approach of the concerned officers of these departments has been taken very seriously by the Division Bench of the High Court. It has noted the ”huge loss to the exchequer” due to the approach of such officers towards the pending litigations. It has also pointed out “siphoning of crores of Rupees” in different contracts where huge amounts were drawn from the Government Treasury.
Lack of financial discipline has been the bane of almost all troubles and irregularities in the departments of the UT which unfortunately has not been controlled sternly and ”very effectively” by the Government. The Division Bench has observed that the losses be recovered from such officers and disciplinary action taken to ”send clear message”. We hope the UT Government would deal with such officers without showing any leniency.