Linking of agri based ‘Mandis’ with e-NAM

In order to ensure additional and assured facilities and advantages to farmers and traders in Jammu and Kashmir dealing in agricultural products like fruits , vegetables and the like , linking more trading centres or Mandis with National Agriculture Market, having recently been decided by the Government will hasten the process of settling trade transaction and realising the proceeds electronically. The two such prominent Mandis of Narwal and Parimpora in Jammu and Srinagar cities respectively having proven quite successful by getting linked to the NAM, more Mandis numbering 9 in total , 7 in Kashmir and 2 in Jammu are now formally linked to the NAM.
The process shall encourage the farmers to flood such Mandis with their produce in order to be bought and in turn paid speedily through the e- mode instead of time consuming off-line mode. Since exchange of knowledge as regards pricing in wholesale shall freely take place, it will provide an occasion to the farmers to get the best of prices for the sold items. Such schemes, however, would draw a flak from those who may be deprived of the facility simply because of lack of awareness generated by the concerned officers among the farmers living in far flung villages but contributing appreciably towards agriculture production, hence increased levels of awareness is important.