Let’s Talk Happiness!

Siddharth Mahajan
@thefitsidd- Insta ID
HAPPINESS- something we all want and need in our Life, something which decides our state of mind, it actually has the power and ability to determine the quality of our life. Yet, so many of us struggle to be happy and happiness eludes so many of us.
Do we ever ask ourselves, what is that which makes us happy?
Do we ever take out time to understand the ways which lead to happiness?
Do we ever think WHYwe need to be happy?
Unfortunately, in most cases the answer would be NO. Strongly believe, of all the questions “WHY”, is the most important. And perhaps knowing the answer would certainly leave us craving and desiring for much more.
So, let’s talk happiness, let’s talk of ways and means that lead us to happiness, small yet beautiful lifestyle changes that draw happiness into our lives.
It all Starts with YOU
Choose happiness to be happy. Don’t let anyone else decide your happiness, atleast not everytime. You are incharge of your life, keep it that way. People, moments, things do influence our life, but not every bit of your life should be decided by them. It only makes you fragile and what makes you fragile is what controls you. The control lies and starts with you, keep it that way.
Learn to let it go
If there is something that isn’t bringing you happiness, let it Go. It’s often difficult to let go things around you, but it will be worth it. Understand if you are unhappy about yourself, about the choices you make, who’s responsible? You. So be brave and let it go. Be a little easy on you, take baby steps and let the unwanted go.
Choose your Company Wisely
Our friends, our company influences us, make sure you have the right one. It’s often said, a true friend accepts who you are and also helps you to become who you should be. We all know times change, so there are times when we feel broke, discouraged &depressed , those are times we need friends who encourage, support and hold us together.
Dr Goldman- famous US based psychologist says “Having a good support system, as also known to help improve our happiness and well-being, just knowing that others are their goes a long way.
A comparison list
As you start your happiness journey, it’s helpful to list what makes you happy and what doesn’t. It helps you understand what brings more happiness and peace to your life.
An example, which might differ from individual to individual.
What makes me Happy What makes me Unhappy
Workout/Fitness Comparisons
Optimism Pessimism
PositiveAffirmations Self Doubt
Exploring Nature Isolation
Meditation Negativity
Letting it go Arguments
It’s much easier to decide, once you have your list, choosing & eliminating form the list will surely build a roadmap to your happiness.
Time for yourself
It may sound simple, but a lot of people forget to take care of themselves. Busy work schedules, family, kids, marriage, job pressures, all this amounts to little to no self-care. When you put self-care first, happiness comes through. It’s just talking out a little time for your own self which surely impacts your mood, manages stress levels and productivity. It’s THE moment to rejuvenate, re-charge and revamp yourself. Try it out more often to notice the change.
The quality of being thankful- one of the most powerful trait of a happy individual.
It’s an affirmation of goodness. We affirm that there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we have received- as quoted by Robert Emmons- leading scientific expert on gratitude.
Being thankful for all what we have and what we will have certainly keeps you happy. It’s a great thought to end our day (as we sleep) by a strong affirmation which goes like “thank GOD for the beautiful day and I will have a beautiful day tomorrow”.This not only activates your sub conscious mind as you sleep but also inspires the people around to practice gratitude.
To sum up Happiness is a choice, and we only need to find ways and means to be happy. As you start connecting and affiliating to a happy lifestyle, so will people around you.A happy soul, is a healthy Soul.
(The author is lifestyle mentor)