Let’s be vigilant

Dr Satya Dev Gupta
A man naming Shamsuddin from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1992 had happened to visit Delhi and met with his friends and relatives from Pakistan, who advised him to come and settle in a country, made for them as heaven, where he should lead a happy and prosperous life. As it was established on the Islamic values and morals, where his other relatives had already been settled. This gentleman bewitched by the narration without knowing the consequences; crossed the borders through an easy way of Line of Control (LOC).
He settled in Karachi and could manage to get the workable documents on flimsy and fake grounds, and remained there till 2012. His dream of paradise shattered when he received a jolt in a form of a notice served to him for illegal stay in Pakistan. For want of “National Resident Certificate” (NRC), he was awarded imprisonment. Despite putting solid and “Islamic Brotherhood” arguments he was put behind the bars with rigorous punishment with the allegation as a spy from India for 8 years.
Mohmmad Ali Jinnah was adamant about the creation of a Muslim State in India so that the interests of the Muslim community might not be marginalized in Hindu majority country. Mr. Jinnah had put an argument before the British top personnel including Louise Mount Batten, the viceroy and 1st Governor General of India after 1947, that it were the Muslims rulers from whom the East India Company and English snatched the political power so the British Government should hand over to Muslims who are actually entitled; if not whole India but a state for Muslims should be created. This narration is also put by many of the members of that community from time to time. It is pertinent to mention here that it was the Hindu Kingdoms (Martha and Sikhs) who were ruling the major part of undivided India in18th and 19th century.
Subsequently, in 1947 India was divided to carve out a Muslim State naming Pakistan, both countries had framed their laws and constitutions. It is pertinent to mention that every country of the world including Pakistan is entitled to frame its own NRC “National Resident Certificate”, then why hue and cry when India makes such laws for its own eligible citizens? Whereas Muslims were having every right to migrate to the newly built Muslim country at any time under legal cover Hindus were offered to go to the remaining Hindu dominated India under law. The process of transmigration continued even after the Liaquat Nehru pact in 1950. Though Indian leaders established India as a Democratic Republic Secular state. In simple words, Pakistan was for Muslims whereas India for Hindus and other Non-Muslim Communities.
On Eighth of April 1950 an agreement between Pakistan Prime Minister Liaquat Ali and Indian Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru was made to avert further war between the two South Indian countries. It was a pact to protect the safety of life, properties, and other interests of minorities in the respective countries. Indian government stuck to the agreement but as usual, Pakistan wasn’t true to its commitments. Government-sponsored atrocities on minorities were ordained with brutality resulting in gross change in demography from 22 to 1.5 percent to date. India being the natural and legal homeland for Hindus and Sikhs, a sizable number of them migrated with legal documents for their safety. On the expiry of their stipulated time, they prayed the Government of India to give them legal shelter in the country itself and refused to go back to Pakistan.
“Citizens Amendment Act” (CAA) passed by Parliament and enacted on 12th December 2019 paved the way for settlement of minorities (Hindus, Sikhs, Bodhs, and Christians) from once part of undivided India i.e. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. CAA avowed aim is to confirm citizenship to the minorities of above-mentioned countries. Some miscreants including pro-Pak elements, left-liberal, “Tukdey Tukdey Gang” Muslim extremists, and anti-Modi groups were able to exploit the innocent Muslim population in February 2020 when American President Donald paid a visit to India. The riots on communal bases erupted in many places to malign and destabilize Modi government. Lot of funds have been pushed and utilized to undermine the national government. Had Modi not done the demonetization on 8th November 2016 the heavily funded terrorist groups would have done the devastating damage.
Wahabis, Jihadis, and extremely Islamic, ISIS ideology-based fundamentalists have become a threat not only to Non-Muslim countries but for Muslim states also and India too is at their target. Fortunately for INDIA Narendra Modi is a hard nut to be cracked. He has put many obstacles to foreign funding of these groups. To carry on their nasty designs, they are improvising the other methods i.e. grabbing the land, particularly adjoining the National Highways. The statement of Sharjeel Imam, Roshni Act in Jammu and Kashmir, love jihad, victim card etc., and many other manoeuvers could be seen with raised eyes brows.
In the recent past, another venture for collections of funds for unlawful activities has been unearthed. The name was given to it “Dhanteras”, a Hindu festival, and in that garb dealing with jewellery business to pile up the money. This adventure neither needs any foreign support that could be clogged and hampered nor can be controlled by demonetization. Precious stones like diamonds, ruby, sapphire, etc., and yellow metal gold are like the arrows in a giant’s hands to be shot. This is international money that can be used anywhere and anytime. Indians are fond of gold and ornaments and purchase the diamond and gold on the auspicious day of “Dhanteras” and other ceremonial occasions. For this endeavor illegally migrated Bangladeshi, Rohingya human resources are utilized. Provisions are made to train them as workmen in the workshops, godowns, and warehouses situated in the streets of big cities. These laborers are easily available at a meager salary. Their main objective is to have a roof for shelter and earn for their basic needs only. Wahabi Mollanas are there for their brainwashing. This labour class is vulnerable and bound to be used as a weapon and instrument in riots and destruction. The internationally marked money i.e. gold and precious stones would be always in their pockets, with no need for banking or keeping currency. Government has to pass strict instructions to jewellers traders to get the working manpower registered properly and keep their records of business without any flaw. We all the responsible citizens of India should also be vigilant for the prevention of any impending disaster.
(The author is Ex-Head of Intensive Care Unit & Department of anesthesia Government Medical College Jammu)