Legislative temper and politicians

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, very often has been sharing time tested and valuable information with the audience whenever he happens to address in connection with an important event. Perhaps, looking to the increasing trend among some politicians to resort to trooping into the well of the Parliament , shout and create ruckus to disrupt the proceedings of the houses of the Parliament has made him unhappy and feeling concerned about. This is being indulged in now very frequently despite being conscious that every minute of the proceedings cost the nation in thousands of Rupees. The Vice President who also is the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is often seen to plead, request and advise the members to restore the decorum in the Rajya Sabha.
In this entire scenario, he has gone to the extent of appealing them to inculcate the legislative temper . While it is otherwise firmly believed that a legislator gets elected only to legislate, discuss, debate and decide all in the interests of the country, countrymen and strengthening democracy and not for disrupting proceedings but the increasing trend on the obverse is neither fair on the part of such law makers nor for the image of the country. People who are the voters too feel disillusioned . The Vice President, also liked for his sense and liking of humour and satire which he very often resorts to while putting forth his point, has ”asked” the scientists ”to come up with some scientific invention to help our politicians with legislative temper.” It is pertinent to note that he was presiding over and addressing scientists in an event of birth centenaries of inspirational scientists recently at New Delhi.