Land grabbers spreading lies about Land Law: Dr Jitendra

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh addressing a public meeting at Rehian, Samba on Monday.  
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh addressing a public meeting at Rehian, Samba on Monday.  

Excelsior Correspondent
REASI/SAMBA, Dec 14: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh  said here today that land grabbers are spreading lies about the newly framed Land Laws for Jammu & Kashmir  and trying to save their illegally occupied land from being retrieved by raising a false alarm of poor man’s land being taken away as a result of the new law.
During day-long District Development Council election campaign in different parts of districts Reasi and Samba as well as close to the International Border (IB),  Dr. Jitendra Singh cautioned particularly the farmers against mischievous propaganda being spread by the opposition parties that government will take away their agricultural and  other land as a consequence of the action against the “Roshni” scam.  He said, such propaganda was being spread precisely by those who had misused the provisions of the Roshni Act through their influence or money to illegally acquire large chunks of land at under-rated or much lower price and thus deprived the poor man or the poor farmer to whom this land should have actually gone.
Dr. Jitendra Singh said, all the schemes and laws of the Modi Govt are  intended to benefit the farmer and  poor man, and at the same time the Modi Govt exercises zero-tolerance against corruption or embezzlement.  He said, those whose names  figure in the Roshni scam for having dubiously manipulated poor man’s land and unlawfully acquiring its ownership, are feeling threatened that they would lose their ill-gotten property and are therefore desperately making a vain bid to provoke the poor man.
It is no secret, said Dr. Jitendra Singh, that even outside the Roshni scam, large chunks of government land and other unauthorized  land had been forcibly grabbed by several influential persons or their relatives who had then used this land to set up commercial establishments, franchise institutions, palatial bungalows, etc.  In the days to come, he said,  all these land grabbers will be brought to book and the investigation  has already got initiated in several cases.
Dr. Jitendra Singh said,  it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had demonstrated sensitivity and concern during the COVID pandemic by ordering free ration and free amount  of money in the accounts of farmers and the needy. It was also Prime Minister Modi , he said, who arranged for free gas cylinders for the needy households, houses under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) for the needy families and Universal Health Insurance cover under “Ayushman Bharat” for the people of Jammu  & Kashmir.