Kunchoth festival celebrated

Ladies during Kunchoth festival celebrations at Bhaderwah. -Excelsior/Tilak Raj
Ladies during Kunchoth festival celebrations at Bhaderwah. -Excelsior/Tilak Raj

Excelsior Correspondent

BHADERWAH, Jan 28: Kunchoth traditional festival was celebrated here and erstwhile District Doda with zest, zeal and grate fervor.
The festival envisages a message for the union of two souls and sustainability of respect honor and the value of prayers from elders to the younger in the family altogether.
It is of course, the need of the day where these festivals strengthen the dogmatic factors of the society, which is being deteriorated and shambled by the unethical forces.
At the outset of the celebration of festival, “wife” describes symbol of respectful relation and gratitude to her “husband”. She dedicates herself by undergoing fast for the day in the name of her husband, piously, visits temple, performs pooja of Lord Shiva Parvati and prays for the prosperity of the family, community and particularly for the longtivity of her husband.
Moreover, the fraternity performs the same activity by adding an ethical mark of “Charanbadna “in lieu of which coconut fruit is gifted to the bower.
Overall, the magnitude of the festival makes the society to understand the respect honor and dignity between to souls (husband & wife) and cultural disciplines amongst the families.


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