KU Staff Quarters

Thirty-two years and still waiting for the completion of a dozen staff quarters, another rigmarole story of complacency and sheer neglect. Expansion and development with time are always the need of the hour but for Kashmir University staff it has been nightmarish for over three decades. Construction of a dozen flats started, till the brickwork of the first story it was smooth going but after that, it is the never-ending saga of official neglect, inter dispute between the university and contractor, has reached court and is pending since then. No VC or Registrar in all these years had tried to resolve the dispute and no other alternative plans to construct staff quarters have been put forth. Over a hundred teachers have been waiting for official accommodation and around two hundred more are likely to join as posts have been advertised. Where will all these staff members reside? Given the prevailing conditions and climatic considerations, residing on the campus is the safest way out but it seems, for university authorities, it doesn’t matter. Can any outside Jammu and Kashmir UT faculty join KU as such? This is a serious enough matter for immediate concern and requires intervention from the highest authorities. More departments of the latest upcoming streams are being introduced from time to time and more faculty are going to be recruited, will one status quo order of court be a hindrance to KU expansion plans? LG Administration had already ordered all departments to take court matters seriously and resolve the issues at the earliest and in this case, also immediate legal remedial measures have to be taken. If these measures are not viable then alternative plans be put immediately. When GoI, UGC and LG Administration have provided ample grants to KU why no alternative has been chalked out? All this requires a thorough investigation to put the onus and accountability. Any staff member, if involved, in this episode must be exposed and punished as per the law.