KP intellectuals condemn vested interests, welcome Modi Govt decision on Art 370

KP intelectuals during a meeting at Jammu on Saturday.
KP intelectuals during a meeting at Jammu on Saturday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 17: An all party intellectuals meeting of KP Community was convened by Kashmiri Pandit Sabha (KPS) here today to discuss ramification of abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A on the community and subsequent fall out in near future.
The meeting was presided over by K.P Sabha president, K. K. Khosa and attended by eminent people of the community.
They condemned the so called KP intellectuals for voicing against the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A and said that they have done it for vested interests and they should be boycotted by entire community.
Entire gathering of intellectuals and organizational heads and others voiced forcefully their endorsement and hailed the steps taken for scraping Article 370 and 35 A.
In his inaugural address K. K. Khosa complimented the Union Government for taking such a step which the entire nation waited since 1949. He said history has been rewritten and one nation, one Flag and one Constitution upheld.
Dr. K. L. Choudhary noted physician and writer hailed the historic decision and said that it is an unbelievable step. “One of the greatest milestone for Indian nation’’. He said the community should wait for further steps being taken while formulating a policy for its return and rehabilitation. He said that community should have one voice and unity with unified approach to represent its case to the Government.
Kuldeep Khoda Ex-DGP said that the step of Union Government is praise worthy and beyond imagination. He said that unified J & K is better for the future of all the communities and other religious minorities.
G. L. Raina, MLC and vice-president BJP while explaining the necessity of this decision of scraping Article 370 and 35 A said a surgical operation has been undertaken after the gap of 70 years by Modi Government.
Surender Ambardar MLC said “we need to give time to GOI to consolidate its security and administrative structure. However, the issue of settlement at one place will definitely be discussed with the community leaders’’, he added.
Moti Koul while hailing the decision wanted the community to prepare a United Group of all Social activists and intellectuals to help the Government in arriving at a decision for rehabilitation of the community.
R. K. Bhat president YAIKS endorsed the Government decision.
Shiban Khabri Chairman PNBT & noted Columnist, while hailing wanted a CBI probe to punish the murderers of KP Community at Nadi Marg, Vandhama, Chattisinghpora, etc.
Dr. Meenakshi Kilam while hailing the decision asked the community to become a bridge between Kashmiri Muslims and Government of India to assuage our feelings. Others who spoke on the occasion were Ashok Braroo senior vice president KP Sabha, Advocate Kashmiri Lal, Desh Rattan Pandita president AIMCCC, M. K. Raina president Jawala Ji Khrew, Prof. R. K. Ganjoo Director, CDC, University of Jammu, R. L. Raina, Chand Ji Khar, S. K. Koul (JKNM), Siddharth Ganjoo (Sanjeevni Sharda Kendra), Amrit Koul (Law Student)
President K. K. Khosa read the message of Dr. K. N. Pandita, being out of the State.
The Programme was conducted by S. L. Bagati general secretary of the Sabha.