Kitchen and Agneya Kone

Dr Aarushi Sadhotra Manhas
Vastu Shastra is all about the placements of different utility areas in a house as per principles laid down by our respected sages and seers. Vedic Vastu is apparently nature based architecture and the concept behind vastu is absolutely logical and scientific, primarily based on the movement of Earth around sun and the Five Elements which makes living possible on our planet. This article will help the reader understand the correlation between a Kitchen & the South-East Corner of a house.
South-East direction or junction of South & East is commonly known as Agenya corner & is ruled by planet shukra. Agni Dev is the associated deity for this direction. It is called as Agenya corner because when sun starts to bless this direction with its rays in the morning, it has the right mix of light and heat which is required to keep the food healthy, and supports the cook with right temperature to cook the food. Sun reaches South East between 8-9am, the time when food is generally prepared and stays there for another 2 hours. This is the duration when UV rays turns in Infra-Red rays, and generates heat energy to help cooking the food. These rays also have the ability to increase the nutritional value in the food and keep a check on the bacterial & fungal growth in Kitchen. In a well-lit kitchen, it is easy to locate insect, bug or a pest which in turn is going to keep the food fess prone to contamination. In simple words, South East direction is the one, where ENERGY to make healthy food is most positive & best for the good health of the inmates of the house, hence Kitchen is best constructed in South-East direction. The second best direction for Kitchen is North-West. Other than kitchen, any heat and fire related activity can be carried out in this direction, like a gymnasium or Sports room or Media/TV room etc. Another important vastu rule for Kitchen is that the Gas hob or stove should always be kept on the eastern side so that the cook while cooking, could face East. As East is the direction of positive energy, peace, health, growth and happiness.
South-East is the combination of East and South direction and as per Vastu, South should always be heavier that East, so all the cupboards should be made in Southern, South-west side of the kitchen and should be kept heavy by storing all the material carrying heavy weight, in those cupboards. Micro Vastu suggests the placement of Fridge, Microwave oven, Toaster, Mixer-Grinder in the south Eastern side of the Kitchen. Since fridge now a days do not emit much heat, it is ok to keep them in south or west as well. Once we have a balanced South, South-East, East is to be taken care off and for that all the water related activities are to be performed in this direction of East, North East. Sink and RO should be installed and exit of water should also be kept in East, North East of the Kitchen.
Since South-East is direction of fire, and red color is associated with fire, it is okay to use red color the kitchen. However too much red color is going to impact anyone who stays in kitchen for long as red color fosters aggression. Natural wooden color is apt for all the directions and of course White, off-white, pale yellow, ivory are the most positive colors as per vastu and are suitable for South-East too.
Anyone who is constructing a house, should keep these small but important suggestions in mind to make his house Vastu complaint and a vastu compliant house is always a blessed house.