Key to Self-Realisation

O P Sharma
Name of Book : Superpositivity -The Greatest Power in the Universe
Author : Vickrant Mahajan
Publisher : WordSmith, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu
This 242-page book entitled: “Superpositivity-The Greatest Power in the Universe” by Vickrant Mahajan is an inspiring and self-improvement work which should be gone through by everybody. Mr. Mahajan has already put out “Yes Thank You Universe” which pleads for “Positivity” and has commanded wide readership influencing many people. This book promotes further the need and importance of “Superpositivty” as “greatest power” which must be adopted.
Dynamic Concepts
It introduces 12 qualities and the steps to activate and attain the infinite power of Superpositivity. By reading the book one can understand the qualities as well as the methods to acquire them.
In this book, the alphabet “I” has always been used as “i”; replacing “No” by “zero” and the hyphen has been denoted by + sign. This is a novel idea and a significant distinction or style of this writer.
A detailed “Introduction” depicts a glimpse of his attaining fortune and fame in life but subsequently sharp turn to dark days which forced him to return to his parents in Jammu. He meditated and realized that “positive thinking ” is the way out . He is sharing his experiences about “Superpositivity” and advocates for having full-faith in this unique means. He also says “Superpositivity” is a reminder to all of us of how immeasurably powerful we all are.
Towards Ultimate Goal
In unconventional way, this book has three parts: The Creator: Who Superpositivity Is; The Creativity : How to activate Superpositivity and the last part entitled : The Creation: What To Do with Superpositivity. It has been written in a simple language and lucid style. I have gone through the book with lot of profit and pleasure as well. It is certainly beneficial to go through the insight and unique experience of this young writer who has faced many ups and downs in life and ultimately turned to “new light” pleading for “Positivity as also Superpositivity”.
A Must Reading
The author, Vickrant Mahajan is proud son of the soil who is born and brought up in Jammu, had a very shinning career but later saw the dark side of life after which he was a “totally spiritually enlightened” and started giving light to others. He has authored seven books including self-improvement classics: Yes Thank You Universe and also Stretch Yourself. He has been visiting places and institutions spreading his ideas.
This book priced at Rs 350 is worth much and so must be read by one and all for new ideas for transforming the life-style of masses.