Curiousity to know beyond vision

Amit Kumar
Book : NUMI; The Gaurded
Loop, A Realistic Fiction.
Author : Nupur Sandhu
This book attracted me as it is falling in the section of Realistic Fiction, very new to me. It is fusion of fiction and non fiction. The novel is flipping between past lives and Past incidences of the present life of the Primadonna, Nuha. She is in her mid forties and and her curiousity to know beyond the vision took her to different paths of knowing self, before she landed at the door of Second Innings, her final destination. How the strangers that crossed her way were connected with the soul from so many past lives.
Slowly things unfolded as she kept moving forward in her soul healing modality and her wounded soul started getting healed bringing peace to her present.
The language is simple yet leaving the richness of it’s ecessence.
The sketches and the poetry added the required flavour
More than four decades had passed,
Reining the carriage of her life,
The horses were tired and so was the Knight.
The voice of the inner guide said softly,
We have reached “Half-Way Home”,
Let’s take some respite.
The ride would continue,
The wheels would roll on,
Hand over the reins to the original operator
And witness the journey just as a spectator……..
Nupur Sandhu , is a versatlie personality with great sense of humor and warm heart. She is a Serenity Surrender Therapist, Psychologist , Author playwriter and film maker. This is her fourth literary work.
Earlier books were on brave children, marriage relationships and an audiobook.