Kerala among top 20 global trending destinations for 2020: Survey

NEW DELHI: Kerala, with its palm-lined coast, rolling coffee plantations and stunning Arabian Sea views, has made it to the top 20 global trending destinations for 2020, a survey by Airbnb has revealed.

According to data released by the online travel marketplace, the south Indian state has witnessed a 95 per cent jump in bookings in 2019 for 2020, compared to bookings made in 2018 for 2019.

“For many travelers, Kerala is south India’s most enchanting state. With an impressive array of beaches, lakes, mountains and waterfalls, it is home to some of the best eco-friendly destinations on the subcontinent.

“The state runs a responsible tourism program encouraging residents and visitors alike to enjoy the culture of the place while also conserving it,” Airbnb said in a statement.

The list that features destinations in countries like the USA, Spain, Thailand and Australia among others, notes that all the trending places are also “eco-conscious cities”.

“Ranging from post-industrial culture hubs like Milwaukee (USA) and Guadalajara (Mexico) to emerging destinations that are benefiting from an increase in sustainable tourism, this year’s list is full of hidden gems.

“It reveals a growing interest in lesser known and eco-conscious cities and countries across the world based on Airbnb booking data,” the travel portal said. (AGENCIES)