Kathua Rape- Options to respond

Bhupinder Kumar
Rape has become part of our behavior in the society, which is nothing but a violent expression of our inner animal self. It also reflects our progress or no progress of our collective consciousness. I have been contemplating on this incident as what to do? What is the way out so that we operate from our higher self and shed our animalistic nature?
If rape is violent expression of my sexual desire then simultaneously I am also sowing the seed of another reaction of violence. This is what I experienced in Nirbhya case and Kathua case. Many times I think that rape incidence produce more beneficiaries than victims. The politicians who revolutionize such incidence are the real beneficiary .They organize their efforts by mobilizing masses to change the society forcibly by using violence as a tool.
There is something seriously wrong with our own growth system. We have failed to acknowledge or we tend to forget, one significant point that violence has never succeeded. All the organized efforts of revolution have been against “something” and not “for” something. We as a society know very well that what are we fighting against but we have no clarity what are we fighting for. Hence violence rules and it benefits certain powerful individuals. The more we fight, the more fuel we supply to it.
So if we don’t fight then what should we do? Instead of fighting we should look for love and friendship. If we respond to rape incidence by violence then we are not providing an alternative, rather we are creating another act of violence. That’s the reason revolutions have never succeeded. To deal with social issues reactions are not required but action is needed. The politicians are reactionary and always against something. Their whole approach is negative. Their whole existence depends upon being against this or that. But we cannot live a life of benediction, bliss by being against something.
All the reactions are full of anger, violence. It manifests our destructive nature. Our reactions never show that we have something creative and we are going to contribute to life and a better society. Somewhere I feel we as a society have forgotten the process of actualization. We need to learn to grow as an individual. As a rosebush grows and is available to all the dimensions. Do you think a rosebush grows against the rocks? It is growing not as a reaction but it is growing, as growth is its nature. It is growing to blossom to bring its potential to actuality. Some where we have missed this process of self-actualization as a society.
Tolerance and mutual respect is another tool, which we still need to explore to bring in our lives. We need to remove our veil of ignorance and see the reality and realize that we all are from one source and one light, so why give any incidence, a color of community or caste. This is purely an animalistic approach. We need to rise above this and make more efforts to manage our deep rooted emotions, beliefs and find a new way to live our lives in a better way.
We need to correct our vision towards women and our language and not to see her as part of our sexual lust. Since ages we have been practicing speaking that I have fallen in love. How many of us have used the expressions like RISE IN LOVE. We need to explore the other alternative to violence that is rising in love. Every day I am feeling that we are progressing towards a loveless society. We are losing various tools with which we have been blessed with.
As a society we are collectively operating from our animal self, the lower self, which is more led by our uncontrolled senses. Hence our reactions are violent. Violence emanates when we either want to protect us from a threat or we want to attack something which creates fear in us.  This mentality influences us to create our groups of like-minded people. These groups are never an alternative because they are a part of the same society organized for the same cause and they use the same tools of violence, hatred, and anger.
Hence the solution to burning issues like rape, suicide, religious intolerance, and discontentment are imbibing divine virtues like love, compassion, inner harmony and understanding human oneness at individual level. Somewhere we seem to have forgotten our true nature. We have forgotten who we are and what the purpose of our life is? I am very sure that practice of these divine values will give birth to a new man.