Kashmiriyat triumphs over Pakistaniyat

I write to commend the resurgence of Kashmir’s age-old cultural and pluralistic ethos, Kashmiriyat, which has successfully triumphed over external influences that sought to impose Pakistaniyat on our region. The article rightly highlights the stark difference between the two worldviews and ideologies.
Kashmir’s rich cultural tapestry, shaped by Buddhism, Shaivism, and Sufism, has fostered an environment of peace, amity, tolerance, and brotherhood. The pluralist ideals of Kashmiriyat, championed by luminaries like Lal Ded and Sheikhul Aalam, have been the defining elements of our identity.
In contrast, the divisive and hate-filled ideology of the Two-Nation Theory that underpins Pakistaniyat has brought nothing but death, destruction, and misery to the region. Pakistan’s internal strife, inequality, and oppression of its own people are testament to its shortcomings. Kashmiris are now realizing the importance of peace, normalcy, and development, and the hope for a brighter future is palpable. Kashmiriyat, with its enduring values, has ultimately triumphed over the destructive influence of Pakistaniyat.
Mohinder Negi