Kashmir Imbroglio

Apropos Straight Talk of K B Jandial in DE on 3rd October, 2019. It is good elaboration by the author on post Art 370 abrogation scenario and successful projection of Indian Government perspective at UNGA in correct diplomatic finesse. PM Modi leadership has deservedly won bountiful accolades the world over, to huge discomfiture of the adversaries within and without. Well, that is understandable and expected.
As far ‘dialogue diplomacy’ it has been applied many a time and has become a ‘hackneyed’ political stance. It has lost its essence and may not work in the ‘radicalised’ religious as well as political milieu.
There is no reason to believe that the bold and much awaited action on 370 and 35A has not been subjected to fool proof planning. The focus now also shifts to Supreme Court where several petitions on the issue are pending which has been attached due priority by the Apex Court. Many of the appellants are a surprise fixture though, as they are not directly concerned.
J K Vaid
Former Director GSI,


Article ‘Modi wins all rounds, not Kashmir’ in DE (Oct 3) on Post 370 abrogation situation in Kashmir and acceptance of this move by world community, is informative. It is quite objective analysis with vision forward. The Government should immediately revive its contacts with concerned stakeholders, may be through track-2 diplomacy and engage them for early normalcy. It is better to avoid dragging it unnecessarily. The sooner it is done, the better it would be for the nation.
R L Bharti IFS (Retd)
Roop Nagar