Kabul attack, Taliban regime faces terror

A gurudwara was targeted by armed terrorists in Kabul Afghanistan when around thirty people were inside resulting in the death of a devotee and a member of the Islamic Emirate forces besides injuries to several other people. India has lodged a strong protest against this cowardly attack on minority places of worship in Afghanistan. Not only this, security forces thwarted possibly a bigger attack by stopping a vehicle laden with high powered explosives which otherwise had to cause further damage around the place of worship of the minority community.
ISI has claimed the responsibility for carrying out this cowardly attack . Talibanis who are in power in Afghanistan had to taste and face what they otherwise had been promoting and encouraging themselves since their formation by engaging with the terrorists and killing them in a gun battle that lasted for several hours. Talibani police spokesperson claimed that the security forces were able to act quickly to control the attack and kill the attackers in a short time before they could cause further damage /casualties. In this connection, to prevent any further harm to the members of the minority communities there in Afghanistan, India has decided to grant e-visas to over 100 Sikh and Hindu Afghan nationals on top priority .
It speaks very poor of how systematically the population of Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan which was in hundreds of thousands a few decades ago was decimated to a few hundred only as per Afghan sociologists who despite treating Afghanistan as their birth place and home with roots of centuries are not tolerated but regularly threatened. In 1970 , there were 700000 Hindus and Sikhs living in Afghanisan which were reduced to less than 7000 in all as in 2017. As of now, they are a few hundred only and subjected to attacks as happened in a Gurudwara recently spreading all fear and panic . That is the tragedy of how intolerance and hate operate to the peril of ideals of humanity. The efficacy and the urgent need of passing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) can well be gauged and appreciated in the context of attacks like the one under reference on the minority community .