Justice to all must in New Society

Name of Book : Deaf, Dumb & Dumb of
Indian Society- Aatm Nirbhar
Author : R C Gupta, ex-Deputy Secretary
This 298-page book by R C Gupta is an expression of urge for Good Governance, Rule of Law, justice to All and above all Service to Humanity. The author who is former Deputy Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Government has had to wage a long and hard struggle for getting what he called justice.
Mr Gupta who allegedly met ” injustice’ at the hand of some bureaucrats has written extensively and even approached the high-ups at the administrative and legal levels to get a fair deal . He struggled relentlessly and continuously facing many odds. Failures are pillars of strength for many who in final analysis usher in much-needed and desired change. R C Gupta’s book is an absorbing reading of his hard struggle to get justice and improvement in the system.
Wheels of Administration
The wheels of administration move at a very slow pace and things change only at the ” appropriate time” . But the story of struggle launched by some people like R C Gupta do leave their indelible imprints on the sands of time and ultimately the changes do take place by transforming the society.
This book is interesting and instructive story of struggle by a bureaucrat against the mal-functioning in the administration especially in Jammu and Kashmir where rulers mattered even more than the “rule of law”. It may be mentioned that some tangible changes have taken place now but we still have miles to go for reaching our ultimate goals of justice to all, good governance and service to humanity. R C Gupta’s book is an inspiring and instructive reading for one and all.
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