Just a Fraction of her

Preeti Dogra
Presents, cards, flowers- that is what Mother’s day has become limited to. I do not believe that these are not representative of a child’s love and regard towards the mother. In fact, from all these years I have been doing the same while wishing my beautiful ma a day devoted to mothers.
Since childhood I have always cherished every day with my Mother by my side thus making each day a Mother’s Day. But I do believe that setting a day aside each year for celebrating makes sense to me as children are so much absorbed into their quests that they tend to overlook the role of their mother in modeling their lives. This time I want to go beyond ‘I Love You’ and ‘Thank you’ though only these words can lighten a mother’s eyes and brighten her days.
Motherhood is not a journey as every journey has a destination to reach, rather motherhood is like a universe in itself whose mysteries are far beyond one’s perception. As the universe listens to our inner soul, our deep-seated desires, our unquenchable thirst of wishes, so is the mother who listens and understands our tiniest of thought (maybe we haven’t disclosed it to ourselves) and tries her best to manifest it into her child’s life.
I have always enjoyed the love, the care my mother has showered on me regardless of the circumstances, and it is only because of her immeasurable attention towards me I always felt protected enough. She does not hold any degree which is considered a license to be a part of this competitive world but the insight, intelligence, compassion, courage, patience which my beautiful mother possess is impossible to cultivate through any educational pursuit although education shows us the path to get to all these virtues. For me, she stands above all those degrees meant to make an educated and civilized world when now I figured it out that she has raised, taught, and handled me through my thick and thins only because of her wisdom and personal growth.
I found many more reasons to respect and love her, even more, when I became a mother myself. Even a hiccup or burp of my child gave chills down my spine and it was a point in my life that motherhood took a paradigm shift. And candidly, still I struggle with the same feeling while looking after my two young children. And that too when my mother is by my side to raise my children with the same dedication she had for me and still has. Sometimes I feel like saying- hey Ma, how can you be so cool?
A Mother’s role is vital when it comes to the integrity and development of the entire family -both intellectual and emotional, as she is the voice who can boost the morale, the caress that can enliven the shattered, the brain that is capable of productive decisions and the nectar that can soothe the soul.
The sacrifices made by her though too little for others always go disregarded and unacknowledged. Many mothers including mine are considered the weak and the meek ones but I need to get your attention to the fact that these adjectives do not prove her to be inferior to anyone. She becomes superior the moment she decides to be quiet and humble as these are the characteristics of a person who has immense strength of patience and personality. Indeed, it is her willpower which makes her hold herself as calm and composed when anyone could have blasted out like an active volcano ever ready to spit out the lava, hot enough to char everything around.
A child may be a failure through a society’s lens but this cannot shatter the faith and confidence which a mother has in her child. Through this impulse of belief and assurance from the mother, that child can escalate to greater heights. I can still hear those magical words by my mother- ‘hojayega- hojayega’, it would be done, whenever life threw at me some curves thus raising my doubts about my potential. But her encouraging words always instilled in me the feeling- ‘Yes I can do it’. My accomplishments whatever they are, it is because of her faith in me. I am grateful to her for the constant support and encouragement not only as a mother but as a friend too. Unlike many other daughters I could always pour my heart in front of her with a trust and tit
It is always a blessing and pleasure to be with my Mother as her positive and energetic aura as possessed by the enlightened ones offers me a divine refuge. I always try my best to develop the qualities and the character just like her. Though, I could only become a five percent of her, but I feel proud to say that I am”JUST A FRACTION OF HER”.
P.S. Let all of us grab this opportunity to thank our Mothers, no matter wherever she is. She will hear even from heavens above. The best time to have told your mother that you love her was when she made you an independent individual, no matter whatever your age was. But the second-best time is NOW, just do it.
(The author is Assistant Professor, Dept. of EVS, GGM Science College, Jammu)