‘Join hands for revival of Silk route’

Excelsior Correspondent

Minister for Medical Education, R S Chib expressing his views during round table series at Jammu on Tuesday.
Minister for Medical Education, R S Chib expressing his views during round table series at Jammu on Tuesday.

JAMMU, Apr 17:Today KASHMIRINK and Romancing Himalyan which has devoted itself for imparting the moral teaching of great sufi- saints, organized one of the unique round table series at Jammu in which galaxy of intellectuals, scholars, media personalities and Minister participated.
All the participants were of unanimous view that keeping globalization in mind, it has become imperative that new generation should be made aware about importance of silk route and contribution of all sufi-saints who have travelled through the route and strengthened the pillars of love, mutual brotherhood and peace in this belt.
Those who actively participated in today’s round table series on the topic included Minister for Medical Education R S Chib, Director Information, Khawaja Farooq Renzushah, Director Tourism, Jammu Robin Mehta, Gandhian, Padamshree S P Verma, Representative BCCI Ranjeet Kalra, President, Chamber of Commerce, Jammu Y. B. Sharma, Director, Department of Strategic & Regional Studies Dr. Mohammad Monir Alam, Head of Department, Department of Political Sciences Prof. Anurag Gangal, Bureau Chief, Times Now Pardeep Dutta representatives of KASHMIRINK and the organizer of the event Hina, Babar Afzal, representative of student community and KASHMIRINK foundation Abhin-andan.
Referring to the long list of saints and seers who laid the foundation of spiritualism in consonance with the serene environs of the state bound by a series of mountain ranges, Mr. Chib said that these godly men were instrumental in creating the composite culture based mutual brotherhood and religious tolerance. He said that saints and seers from across the world would come to the state to find solace and spirituality setting in the traditions of Sufi way of life which has appealed after generation.
The Minister said that the Sufi shrines from Poonch Rajouri to Kishtwar and Lakhanpur to Leh would prove a great attraction for the people who want to spend peaceful moment to quench their thirst of spirituality.
Speaking on the occasion, Director Information, Kh Renzushah said it were great sufi-saints like Hazrat Bulbul Shah and Hazrat Shah Hamdan who travelled to Kashmir through silk route. He said that importance of 3-K in sufi line lies in mutual brotherhood and communicative route between Kashgar, Kashmir and Kishtwar. He said that route since times immemorial was either start of the silk route or culmination of silk route. Thus the importance of J&K state in the historical perspective with regard o silk route is for more important.
Gandhian Padamshree S. P. Verma while declaring Babar Afzal Gandhian Global Family (GGF) J&K Brand Ambassador said silk route was a symbol of joining people and integration as we all should join our hands together to work for its revival so that we are able to yield the fruits of this route which will provide us opportunities to conduct trade with all central Asian countries.
Bureau Chief of Time Now Pradeep Dutta while acknowledging the importance of silk route said that the present generation is to be made aware about the teachings of sufi saints, based on love and mutual brotherhood by introducing the teachings in the syllabi.
President Chamber of Commerce Mr. Y. B. Sharma underscored the importance of historical silk route and said that strong economy and trade is possible when borders become irrelevant and all people come together in amicable atmosphere to work for peace and prosperity.
Mr. Robin, Director Tourism Jammu said that the Tourism pilgrimage is the new phenomenon throughout the world and J&K which has a composite faith and culture can take full benefit of pilgrimage tourism. He said world is presently looking towards contribution of great sufi saints and their historical past and J&K is rich in all aspects to provide this rich material to all those who have passion for the same.
Director, Department of Strategic & Regional Studies Dr. Mohammad Munir Alam said J&K state was historically important component of silk route and in case this route is revived, it will give highest boost to the economy of our country.
Head of Department, Political Science, Prof. Anurag Gangal said that it is always better to call sufi life as the pure way of life and everybody can play a positive role in propagating the pure teachings of sufi saints so that there remains no scope for elements of hate to exist in the society.