JMC forms Committee after Councillors extend suggestions to Unified Building By Laws

Councillors at JMC General House Meeting in Jammu on Monday.
Councillors at JMC General House Meeting in Jammu on Monday.

Sanjeev K. Sharma

JAMMU, Dec 20: From suggestions to amend the decades old rules for building permissions to facilitate the people to construct residential or commercial structures with dignity, to easing many regulations to ensure corruption free environment in the Urban Local Body, marked the business at the special session of General House of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) which assembled here today for adoption of Unified Building Bye Laws-2021.
As House assembled at 11:00 there was resentment among Councillors against the ongoing power crisis in Jammu division after which the normal business of the House continued and many suggestions were extended by the members for adoption of Unified Building By Laws-2021.
Chief Whip of Congress, Dwarka Chowdhary said for building permission involving structures meant for commercial purpose the rule of 30 ft road is perfect but housing colonies should be barred from this regulation.
He also suggested that for future private colonies, width of the road should be fixed in advance and this should be done by JMC.
Chowdhary also questioned on inactivity of enforcement wing of the JMC on extended galleries and ramps in residential areas.
He said that unregularised colonies should be regularized by the JMC so that the people may get ownership rights over their residential houses.
Bhanu Mahajan of Ward 21 demanded amendment in By Laws to facilitate division of property among siblings as presently, she claimed, no map is approved for such divided structures by the JMC resulting which the stakeholders have to go for illegal means involving greasing of palms of those at helm at JMC.
“An amendment in this regard will reduce corruption and the people will construct their homes with dignity,” she maintained.
Rajni Bala of Ward 60 suggested that distance between multistory buildings should be increased from the fixed six meters to lessen losses during fire type incidents.
Rajninder Sharma of Ward 16 said that no objection certificates from PHE, UEED etc should be avoided using technology and verification of land title by Parwari should be rendered of no use using website which contains land records of all people as digitalization of land records has been done now.
One among many of his other suggestions was that JMC should clear maps of old city areas with streets less than 10 foot width and for minor commercial activities like milk shops, groceries etc road.
Gurmeet Kour Randhawa, Sainik Colony Councillor said that public should be made aware that within 100 meters of army camps and other defence installations they can’t build house.
She said that many touts befool poor people and sell such land to them which later invites objections from army.
The JMC Mayor, Chander Mohan Gupta informed that to address the issues raised by some of the Councillors, they have constituted of a Committee under the Chairpersonship of Deputy Mayor, Purnima Sharma which will submit a comprehensive report regarding amendments to the Unified Building By Laws – 2021 document within a week.
Gupta said that six members of the Committee are JMC Councillors Sanjay Baru, Rajinder Sharma and Pawan Singh while other three members are technical personnel of JMC including Anil Raina, Chief Town Planner; Law Officer, Rupali and Vishal Abrol, Architect.
“There were many issues of PWD and its Chief Engineer was also called in the session today,” the Mayor said adding that issue like, PWD selectively repairs main roads above 20 ft width and leaves such roads at periphery, was brought into the notice of the Chief Engineer.
“Roads with width below 20 feet are with JMC while those above 20 ft width are with PWD but still the remaining ones are no one’s baby,” he said adding that the PWD Chief Engineer was also told about this issue.
“In last three years Rs. 250 crore works have been done in the city but still people have not got the much needed relief,” the Mayor claimed.
He appealed to all the Councillors to focus on potholes and neglected roads in their Wards so that those works should also be taken up.
“Instructions were given to the PWD that before starting any work they should bring the same into the notice of elected JMC Councillor of the concerned Wards,” Gupta said.
Later the House adopted the Unified Building By Laws-2021 with the deliberations that amendments required in these By Laws submitted and finalized by the Committee constituted shall be forwarded to the Government for inclusion of these amendments in the Unified By Laws – 2021.