JMC earns whopping Rs 1.44 cr revenue from hoardings on electric poles: Mayor

Excelsior Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 2: Jammu Mayor, Rajinder Sharma, expressed his delight as the innovative and revolutionary measures implemented by the Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) yielded remarkable results, earning a staggering revenue of Rs 1.44 crore.
Addressing media persons here, the Jammu Mayor disclosed that the JMC successfully removed approximately 5000 hoardings of varying dimensions from electric poles across the city.

This action, he said, paved the way for the utilization of 170 sites measuring 20 by 10, as well as 7 Variable Message Display (VMD) sites, resulting in increased revenue generation.
He stated, “previously, we used to generate average monthly revenue of Rs 12 lakh. However, with our recent actions, this amount has doubled to Rs 24 lakh per month, amounting to an annual figure of Rs. 1.44 crore.”
According to him, the CAPEX expenditure for all the 75 wards in the year 2018 used to be Rs 1.43 crore.
“And now, our single stroke has increased the revenue to more than what it used to be in 2018,” said the Jammu Mayor, adding that the increased revenue would now be utilized for the betterment of public welfare, in contrast to its previous allocation to the pockets of officials.
He emphasized that since taking office as the head of the Urban Local Body (ULB), he has made it his utmost priority to be accountable for every penny of public funds and to actively seek ways to enhance the revenue of the JMC (name of the city or organization).
“Since assuming leadership, I have been fully committed to fostering a work culture that embraces transparency and accountability within the ULB,” stated the Jammu Mayor.
“As a result, we have witnessed a steady growth in transparency and accountability, which is bolstering public confidence in our system. This positive development is a testament to the strength of our democratic principles.”
Inspired by the working style of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Jammu Mayor, Rajinder Sharma expressed his intention to introduce further changes in the ULB, with the ultimate aim of providing the public with the amenities and facilities of a developed city.