I would like to invite the attention of all concerned authorities towards rampat corruption and maladministration in the J and K State Road Transport buses resulting into an inestimable loss to the corporation. I often used to travel by JKSRTC buses and have noticed that the bus operators running on the Rajouri- Poonch bus route don’t issue ticket to the passengers who are mostly unaware of the fact that the bus in which they were traveling was a government bus . It is very strange to note that the bus conductors do never issue tickets to the passengers and misappropriate the bus fare very easily as if the bus was their ancestral property.
There are many examples to illustrate the phenomenon, but all of them can’t be quoted here. However I would like cite an example of a recent incident which took place on sept 24,2018 . On this day I boarded the Menhdar bound JKSRTC Bus from Bagnoti to Rajouri and paid the bus fare, but the conductor turned away after taking the fare and didn’t issue ticket as if it was his own private bus. However, I called him back and demanded the ticket. He put off the matter and said that the tickets were with the driver he would issue the ticket after taking it from him. But he didn’t issue ticket till my destination, Rajouri. Then I called the driver who put the matter off with the remarks that he had not any ticket book. It is very shocking to note that if such is behaviour with the educated person like me, what would be fate other passengers who even don’t know about the nature of bus they were boarding. In this way, the entire amount of fare collected from the passengers goes to the pockets of the bus operators and management.
There is no inspection of the buses to check the malpractices on the entire route.
There no notice board displayed in the buses to show that it is government bus and traveling without ticket is an offence
There no complaint box in the buses for lodging a complaint.
The bus operators are without any uniform and a name plate.
There is no contact number displayed in the bus for the contacting any higher authority
In this way, there is complete state of mismanagement and maladministration in this organisation which needs to be corrected.
O P Sharma AMO Rtd
Bagnoti Nowshera.