JKSAC seeks clarification from Govt on Domicile to left out DPs

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, June 30: Jammu Kashmir Sharnarthi Action Committee (JKSAC) has reiterated the demand to seek clarification from the Govt regarding the notification issued prescribing rules for the grant of Domicile certificates to the residents of UT of J&K, wherein the Govt has claimed that 5300 and other left out DPs families of 1947 from PoK settled outside the UT of J&K have been included in the rules and would be benefitted accordingly with the other residents of UT of J&K.
While presenting his views regarding the rules in the meeting held at Miran Sahib today, Gurdev Singh president strongly condemned the Govt for silence over the issue and said that the rules for grant of Domicile certificate are not clear in respect of DPs of 1947 settled outside and thus are ambiguous in interpretation and do not clearly define the inclusion of above said DPs registered as well as unregistered settled outside. He termed Govt order/notification as biased and mischievously drafted as it is all together contrary what has been claimed by Govt in media.
Referring to the Govt order Singh said, ” It says that any person who is registered as a migrant by the R&R Commissioner (Migrant) in the UT of J&K shall be eligible to be treated as Domicile”. The order further says that “there maybe other bonafide persons, displaced persons or migrants and their descendents who are not registered with R&R Commissioner (Migrant) being registered as migrants with Govt elsewhere”.
Singh said that this order nowhere mentioned the displaced persons of 1947 from PoK as a category who are already registered with PRO Jammu being a registering authority for DPs besides Kashmiri migrants whose registering authority is R&R Commissioner (Migrants), Jammu. He said the rule defined under order No. SO-166 dated 18-5-2020 defining “J&K grant of Domicile certificate (Procedure) rules 2020, Definition of the terms used in the rules are given in para-(2) and the person eligible for the grant of Domicile certificate are given in para-(3).
He further said that both these paras nowhere mentioned the DPs being referred as a class of DPs of 1947 from PoK settled outside. Moreover, all these DPs of 1947 from PoK settled outside were already registered with PRO Jammu and their records including 5300 families settled outside is lying with PRO Jammu and any kind of process concerning their rehabilitation is looked after by the PRO Jammu. He said that R&R Commissioner (Migrant) is not the right authority or forum to be approached for registration of leftout DPs families settled outside even after clarification of the rules is provided. The DPs of 1947 from PoK is a recognized category vide Govt Order No. 1476-C of 1950 dated 16-12-1950 and has no concern with R&R Commissioner (Migrants) as it came into existence decade later than 1947 holocaust faced by the DPs of 1947.
He appealed the Lt. Governor Murmu and Secretary DMRRR to clarify and issue necessary correction/amendment to the said order on Domicile law.