JKPF demands Rehab package for PoJK DPs

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 8: The Jammu and Kashmir People’s Forum (JKPF), has reiterated its demand of providing Rehabilitation Package to the displaced persons from Pak occupied Jammu and Kashmir, now settled outside J&K.
In a letter rushed to the Prime Minister, the Forum which has been in collaboration with Mirpur Balidan Bhawan Samiti, New Delhi, fighting for the rights of the Displaced Families from PoJK, 1947, has strongly demanded Rehabilitation Package for the displaced families.
Forum said that thousands of families were forcibly displaced from PoJK in 1947. Some of the displaced families settled in the J&K while the rest were not allowed to stay in the State by the then State Government and they were forced to go out of the State. They were left on their destiny. Therefore, they had no other alternative and ultimately these displaced families went to the different places of the country and settled there for the livelihood of their family members.
Presently, these families are settled in Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Maharashtra etc. Even after a lapse of 73 years, they have not been given any kind of Government assistance so far.
It said the Rehabilitation Package for DPs from PoJK under the PM’s Package for Jammu & Kashmir, 2015 was sanctioned on Dec 22, 2016. Under this package, a Central assistance of Rs 2,000 crores was approved by the Government of India for 36,384 displaced families from PoJK of 1947 and others. An amount of Rs 5.50 lakhs provided through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to the eligible beneficiaries by Government.
But unfortunately, the displaced families who were forced to settle outside Jammu & Kashmir were ignored. It was mentioned that the above mentioned benefit would be given to only those eligible persons who are settled in the J&K state. It is pertinent to mention here these families did not leave the State on their own, rather they were forced to leave the State. The Displaced families who are permanently settled outside J&K fall within the number of 5300 families but were ignored of the above mentioned package.
Convenor of the Forum, MK Mehta apprised the Government of India that displaced persons settled outside, now stand at par with the DPs settled in Jammu & Kashmir. He appealed to the PMO to consider sympathetically the Rehabilitation Package for displaced families from PoJK, settled outside.