Jammu on Yoga path

O P Sharma
All across the globe ,  the first World  Yoga Day is being observed on June 21,  with great enthusiasm and fervor. This will be the first time that Yoga  will be practiced in almost over 176 countries.  India is celebrating the Day with renewed bigger in a spectacular manner. While the impressive Yoga exercises will be held at Janpath  in New Delhi and  all the other State Capitals  as also  in the major cities and towns in India.  Jammu and Kashmir State will not lag behind in projection and promotion of Yoga which ensure physical, mental and spiritual development. In fact, Yoga unites all the human beings and acts as integrating factor. It is noteworthy that Yoga is voluntary and not binding on any citizen at all. A belief is that because of its usefulness and utility it will be adopted by one and all for their own benefits.
It may be recalled that the UN General Assembly (UNGA) has declared on December 14, 2014, that June 21 will be  International Yoga Day every year,  recognizing ancient Indian civilizations Yoga for its  ‘holistic approach to health and well-being for the population of  universe.’
Un resolution
For the first time it was Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who  proposed holding an International Yoga Day in his UN General Assembly speech in September 27,  2014  and  the resolution for the Yoga Day was solidly  supported  by 175 of the 193 nations including  the United States , Syria, Russia, Britain, China, Philippines as also some Islamic countries as well . The UNGA resolution said a goal of the Yoga Day is the “wider dissemination of information about the benefits of practicing yoga would be beneficial for the health of the world population. It amply proved that Yoga is really  a testimony to the enthusiastic cross-cultural and universal appeal. It is a holistic way of life that stresses “harmony between man and nature” and simpler lifestyles and can help fight climate change.
Yoga:  United Factor
Yoga has the power to bring the entire humankind together! It beautifully combines Gyan (knowledge), Karm (work) and Bhakti (devotion).”
It is noteworthy  that  India’s Prime Minister Narendr Modi  rightly raised this vital point at the World forum and got Yoga its due status among the comity  of nations.
Yoga means union. It can only unite people. It is a both a philosophy and a science. It is for people of any faith, or even no faith. Misconceptions about Yoga are now fading away, steadily but surely.
In Jammu & kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir also like other parts of India is making steady progress in the field of Yoga. Jammu is emerging as a nerve centre for Yoga activities.  Some organizations are carrying on their activities. This northern most State had  rich tradition of Yoga and there were great gurus who preached and practiced Yoga so that the new generations adopt it. Just to name a few  Swami Nityaanand, Hari Bhagat  , Dharendra Brahchari ,  Swami Laxman Joo ,  Bhagwan Gopinath in the recent past who promoted Yoga way of life.
The Bhartiya Yog Sansthan J&K is operating for the last more than about five decades. This premier organization  is operating  from its prestigious  building  at Talab Tillo, Jammu under the dynamic and inspiring leadership of  Satyapaul Sharma, Mahavir Prasad and a band of motivated persons. This modern and spacious Yog Ashram   is carrying on its activities under the experts.  President of this institution, Satyapaul  Sharma, in an interview ,  spoke about the basic objectives  and benefits of Yoga activities conducted  by  this premier institution. He said that Yoga is getting popularity among men, women and particularly the youth. This Sansthan has spread its wings all across the Jammu and Kashmir through its network of 110 Yog Kendras  and also engaged in having special classes for Arm forces and  educational institutions. An ambitious future plan has  been grown up.
Intensive Campaigns
Patanjali Yog  Peeth, an organization of  Swami Ramdev, too is effectively  spreading the message of Yoga through  its network in all parts of Jammu and Kashmir. While holding Yog Aasans, training is also imparted  and Indian system of medicines promoted.
Even the University of Jammu has a separate wing for various courses in Yoga run by competent and qualified experts. This is popular centre. Some other Yoga organizations are also lending their helping hand in promoting Yoga practices among the people by holding early morning Yoga sessions in different places.
Talking to EXCELSIOR, Sanjay Asen, a Yoga teacher, opined that “Yoga is a way of life and an integrative system of education for the body, mind  and  the inner spirit. This art of right living was perfected and practiced in India   thousands of years ago but since Yoga deals with universal truths, its teachings are as valid as were in ancient times. Yoga is a practical aid  and  not a religion and its techniques may be practiced by Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and even atheists alike. So Yoga is union with all.”
The entire Jammu region is forging ahead while   awareness of Yoga’s usefulness is spreading fast in all the parts of Jammu and Kashmir States.  Swami Vivekanand  Ashrams are also actively engaged in promoting Yoga practices. On the International Yoga day, June 21, an impressive function will be held at Yog Ashram, Jammu which may be attended among others by Deputy  CM, Dr. Nirmal Singh and Minister of State for Industry Chander Prakash Ganga.
One Goal : Many Ways
Many other Yoga camps will be organized on this particular day throughout Jammu and Kashmir .
Major Benefits of daily Yoga are that almost all the minor ailments or even major diseases can be cured through its proper practice.  Yoga can be useful in weight loss, build up strong and flexible body, glowing skin, peaceful mind, good health  and overall inner strength – whatever one may be looking for, yoga has it on offer.
It is fervently expected that with the adoption of Yoga by all sections of people will lead to a better   individual health and harmony in the humanity. All the nations can look forward to better quality of life with healthy-happy minds and also spiritual enlightenment. All the Indians must take pride in the precious legacy of Yoga given by our great Rishis and Seers of the ancient times.
(Starline Syndicate Service)