inner voice

    Who Am I?
Firstly I am a daughter, someone’s sister.
After That I became daughter-in-law,
someone’s wife, and mother.
I always changed my own personality
and sacrificed myself for the others pleasure.
If my husband wants a good wife
then I become,
If my in-laws want a good daughter-in-law
then I become
If my children want a good mother
then I become.
After all these, where am I? Who am I?
What’s my real personality
Am I a good daughter?
Am I a good sister?
Am I a good wife?
Am I a good daughter-in-law?
Am I a good mother?
I play all the roles, all the responsibilities
Of my life, but no one wants to give me
Any credit for all these.
It means I’m not even a single personality.
Who am I?
Sometimes my inner voice asks this question
To me . . . Who am I?
I have no answer
Sona Rajput

I think of you and my heart is full of joy
The thought of you near me fill me with hope
The sound of your voice makes me whole
Even though we can never share
My love for you changes and grows
What started as an infatuation?
Turned into hope
Hope of what could be
You changed the way I see the world
It seems to unfold in front of me
Bringing unimaginable joy and adventures.
I thank thee for this new beginning
Even though we can never be.
What do you say?
What do you need?
When being with you all I can see
The thoughts of you stirs my imagination
Inspires my heart
Inspires my soul
Inspires my spirit
All things seem possible
Then the reality it can never be
Realizing, longing, desire, despair.
Realizing, longing, thankful
For the opportunity to be
You challenge me
You demand of me
Your love is hard to hear
You remind me of me
You care, you share, and compare
To your love
I want the best for you
All opportunities.
Anju Kettish
Leeshurg VA (USA)

We were put on this planet
To live and to love,
To cherish the ones in our lives
And never let them get hurt….
Safety is a priority
But danger is an outcome,
Why is it, that we work so very hard?
For something that will
still happen in the end..
Should we care about our lives,
Or sit and waste it away
“It doesn’t matter, we’re
all going to die someday!”
These words fill our heads
With confusion. There’s no end
We get lost with the love
We want to have
There is no conclusion to all this pain
But an answer that comes lust the same
The negative side seems to win,
But the positive die seems to glow
We are who we choose to be,
So be careful like there is no
And give to others the joy of life
So no one will hurt.
Love, and love will love you back
Open your arms to life
And life will hug you back!
Don’t be scared!
Life is still a one time thing!
Kanav Sharma
BSF Sr. Sec. School

Created by God with love
embraced by creatures
at peace as dove
A pearl on the leaf
Rain in summers giving relief
Rivers with a continuous flow
Omnidirectional wind with its blow
Lush green tall trees
And tireless honey seeking bees
Birds chirping melodiously
Mothers loving selflessly
Seems insignificant being an ant
Another mighty reliable being man
Both inhabiting the same place
Yet distinguished by God in his own ways.
These my friends make nature
Loved by God yet endangered
Whether living or non living
Having a balance taking and giving.
Alyka Tandon
Presentation Convent