JK Bank’s net profits

Assessing performance of any Bank in areas which are critical to its constant growth and to withstanding the growing competition from other players , is the trend of the net profits after clearing statutory liabilities and paying axes etc coupled with the extent and health of Assets portfolio , constant decrease in NPAs and introduction of newer financial products as a sign of being customer savvy not to speak of correctly making provisions by debit to profits for prospective unhealthy assets and what were its levels of staff performance .
It is a matter of satisfaction that the performance chart on quarterly and preceding years’ basis , as shared by the Management of the Bank depicts constant growth in profits. Critical cost to Income Ratio being 69 percent depicts, among other things, the overall advantage enjoyed on low cost on deposits as compared to the advances as also added participation in sundry Banking business like Insurance etc, collection of huge Government revenues of different hues absolutely at no cost while lending the same at competitive prices. There could be more reasons as shared by the Bank in its report. Operating income growing at approx. four percent may not be that fascinating but looking to the present short term somewhat constrained financial scenario, it cannot be termed as below the average as well. We, however, hope the Bank shall continue to perform better in the subsequent quarters and years.