Jammu security challenges

Recent efforts of the terrorists to conduct some big terrorist activity in and around Jammu is a serious matter. Time and again Jammu and Kashmir Police has foiled the nefarious designs of cross border handlers by timely detection of IEDs and diffusing them. Jammu railway station IED is not an isolated case but has been followed by a serious of attempts in and around Satwari area, attempt to plant IED near Phallian Mandal Police Station and now detection of drones within two kilometers of Jammu Airport. Jammu Airport is on terrorists radar for quite some time as earlier also drones had attempted to cause major damage but failed to do so. Makwal area under Satwari Police Station is suspected to be area from where airport attack drones were being handled remotely but handlers are still at large and now again appearance of drones near Jammu Airport shows the intent of terrorists. Jammu Airport handling more than fifty daily flights is on target of cross border enemies. Jammu has been lucky till now but it is time to secure Jammu Airport at any cost by using latest anti drone technology. Usually drones are not detected by normal radars but this time security establishments have been able to timely detect the drones and subsequent action by security forces thwarted the enemy attempt. Drones are now frequently being used to drop arms also as it is the safest method with least manual risk. Terrorists and their cross border handlers are rattled by latest all around pressure as such looking out for some major incident in and around Jammu to keep their cadre motivated. Consistent efforts of security agencies have stifled out the activities of terrorists but Jammu is on prime target. Recently Jammu and Kashmir Police has definitely tightened the security including in and around its own offices also. No entry without appointment, compulsory uniform for all staff members and no outside person movement inside premises are few recent security measures being put in place. Being alert and making security apparatus rise to the occasion are the only options. We cannot lower our safeguard and everyone including public have to respond to the situation.