Jammu sandwiched between politics of Delhi, Kashmir: NPP

NPP leader Harsh Dev Singh addressing public meeting at Majalta in Udhampur on Thursday.
NPP leader Harsh Dev Singh addressing public meeting at Majalta in Udhampur on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent
UDHAMPUR,  Nov 21: NPP chairman Harsh Dev Singh has said that with successive Governments at the Centre remaining focused on Kashmir and its peculiar issues, the people of Jammu region have continued to remain neglected and deprived.
Addressing public meeting at Majalta today, Harsh Dev said, “Concerns of the people of Jammu have always been disregarded and downplayed and the present Govt at the Centre was no exception in this regard.  Jammu continues to pay the price for being a part of J&K. We continue to be sandwiched between the power games of New Delhi and Kashmir with none to listen to the shrill cries of Dogras for justice, “ Singh said.
Pointing towards the uncertainty prevailing in the erstwhile state in the wake of recent developments, Singh said that tension had gripped Jammu region as well despite it being peaceful and free from Pak sponsored terrorism. “Huge deployment of forces, banning of mobile internet services and resultant communication blockade has had its impact upon the socio-economic life of the people of Jammu region as well. Not only was Jammu too being projected outside as disturbed and unsafe, but the economy of the region was also being adversely affected. It is most regrettable that there were no takers for the sufferings of the people of Dogra land who were made sacrificial lambs at the altar of power politics of New Delhi ”, observed Harsh Dev.
“We did not have Municipal elections for years together as the situation in Kashmir was not conducive. We did not have Panchayat elections for years only for the same reason. And now we are being deprived of Assembly elections and to have a peoples’ govt only for the reason that there is some trouble in Kashmir. For how long will peaceful Jammu region be made to suffer for no fault of its people and continue to feel the heat of Kashmir crisis”, Singh said.
“While New Delhi has all along been pampering Kashmir and offering doles and incentives to its people on its own, the Dogras are made to come on the roads even for getting their genuine demands fulfilled; be it the issue of AIIMS, demand for Smart City or Central University,” NPP leader maintained.