Jammu roads

One fails to understand as to when at random digging of Jammu roads and lanes as also interior roads comes to an end. This digging was started way back in 2011-12 and even earlier but still it continues.  The interesting aspect of the problem is that following protests by the people , roads are black topped but only after  a few days either  telephone cables are laid, or water pipes are laid or ERA  work is in progress ,  massive  digging is restarted. Motoring on such roads and even simple walk over them is found quite difficult.There seems no connect, no cooperation and no rapport between different agencies which have to use roads and lanes for their respective development activities.
Wastage of money and time of the people could be avoided and a general reprieve given to people from digging out roads going on since 2011-12.
Yours etc…
Ravi Khajuria
New Plots, Jammu