Jammu -Poonch Rail Line

As is fairly known that Railway survey for laying of Railway Line from Jammu to Nowshera, Rajouri upto Poonch has been done by the Central Government but the work on it has not been started as yet. What is needed now is the approval to be accorded to start of the actual work on it. People of the area right from Jammu to Akhnoor, Sunderbani, Nowshera, Rajouri and Poonch belt have been demanding for quite some time about the dire need of laying of the railway line on Jammu -Poonch section.
In this connection, politicians across the board belonging to BJP, Congress, NC and PDP have made the demand about early laying of the line. The demand is genuine and has remained pending for decades resulting in migration of people from rural to urban areas which would be reversed by connecting the two points of Jammu and Poonch with the Rail. We hope the Union Government would address this issue at the earliest possible.