Jammu lockdown

The way administration in Jammu has implemented lock down in Jammu city leaves everything to be desired. It is being observed more in breach. Traffic is more than usual and it appears that people are taking the administration for a joy ride. This lockdown is enjoyed as paid holiday by one and all. Roads are crowded as if there is a festival being celebrated. Maybe the administration is not interested in strict implementation of lockdown, should it be so it would be in the interest of all that offices and shops are opened so that people are engaged in their vocations. The result would apparently not matter much in the final after maths of complications of Covid-19 as the lock down as is being interpreted by the public in general does not alter the situation in the long run.
However, if the administration is really interested in strict compliance of PM’s instruction, then the lockdown ought to be implemented in all seriousness. Hope the able administration of JKUT makes its mind clear and conveys same to field authorities or at least to District Magistrate, Jammu so that the officer conveys the same downwards for strict implementation. Will anybody give a thought?
V K Kandhari