Jammu Festival

Much publicized Jammu Festival was being organized by the Department of Tourism, Govt of J&K from February 8 Feb 10. So far as the hoardings and other publicity modes are concerned, the event was named as ‘Jammu Festival’ Maha Ustav 2019, but there was nothing like that which could relate to Jammu. Pertinent to note that the whole festival consisted of Punjabi and some non local singers while as Dogri Language and culture even Dogra artistes were totally ignored. Not much of the Dogras in the festival was included.
As per reports, the local talented artistes were included just for formality and they were provided ordinary facilities and meagre amount while as the out sider artists were provided high class facilities and a hefty amount. Moreover, it is regrettable to know that a lesser known Event Management team was called from outside as if there was a dearth of Event Managers in Jammu. One fails to understand what was the fun of inviting those participants who didn’t know even the history and culture of Jammu region. In this way the Jammu Festival was just a formality and a cruel joke with the culture, language and heritage of Jammu.
Maloop Singh
on e-mail