Jammu cries for attention

Ch R A Inqlabi
After 5th of August 2019 2019, the state of Jammu and Kashmir was divided into two UTs of Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir due to which all the activities came to a stand still. The people of Leh celebrated the division of state openly as they always demanded UT, while the people of Jammu also hailed the decision of the Central Govt.
As BJP is in power in the Center, it indirectly is ruling Jammu and Kashmir through Lieutenant Governor. For the first time, the people of Jammu thought that they got a chance for fair development of Jammu. But now, they are feeling that they are more suffering than Kashmir. The people of Jammu are facing a number of issues like property tax, cancellation of SI and accounts assistant selection lists and rise of unemployment ratio in the UT. The daily wagers of all departments are on the road to get regularization. The PHE daily wagers, lambardars, and chowkidars who are the backbone of democracy are also not happy with the affairs of the Govt.
The leaders of BJP have to show performance for the welfare of Jammu. They have to show their report card to the public in coming election. They cannot escape their responsibility simply by saying that nothing had been done by the previous Government in 70 years. At present, Jammu and Kashmir is governed by President’ rule and BJP is indirectly managing the affairs of the UT. As majority of vote bank of BJP belongs to Jammu division, it is time for the people of Jammu in general and leaders of BJP in particular to show their performance/report card of good governance and leave no stone unturned for the development of erstwhile Dogra state.
It is time for Govt to chalk out a strategy how to capture the tourists at least for two to three days in Jammu. How to get rid of the toll plazas that have come up in this region and who is to manage the liquor policy of Jammu and Kashmir. How to get the benefit of minerals for the common man of the UT? We have to think on long term planning in order to catch the tourist in Jammu province for which we have to tap the border tourism, religious tourism and to develop the hill resorts.
The unemployment of educated youth in the UT is reaching an alarming situation, but Govt is not in a mood to tackle the issue of un-employment on priority basis. The transport industry and hotel industry, fruit industry and agriculture sector is also suffering.
Even after August 2019 all major events of national level were held at Srinagar, like G -20 and other events of national level. How to go for early assembly election in the UT is also a main issue?
Now, is the time for BJP leadership of Jammu and Kashmir to play its role and use its good offices for the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir. So that educated un-employed youth, common citizen, farmers, businessmen and people of far-flung area may feel a sigh of relief. People of Jammu whether they belong to civil society or to trade unions or are common citizen they must come forward and raise the burning issue of people. Public of Jammu must take a leading role at this time. It is good that one must be loyal to a party but one must also raise the voice of common people of Jammu on priority.
BJP leadership of Jammu must think who is going to give a good governance to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Is one Advisor to Governor sufficient for whole Union Territory? Whether he can give reasonable time to all the departments? Is there is no need to appoint more Advisors in the UT in the interest of good governance and for the welfare of people. One LG and one Advisor seem to be overburden with day to day affairs of the UT and cannot give reasonable time to every department due to which people face some hardship. Some party leaders of BJP like Dr Jitendra Singh and Ravinder Raina are trying their best to raise the issue of public but needs follow up also. The Gen Secy of BJP has been seen coming to the rescue of common people whether they are shopkeepers of bus stand Jammu or any issue of public but people of the region expect much more from him. I appeal to the leadership of BJP to raise the issue of common public so that common man may not suffer more, and unemployed youth and daily wagers must feel a sigh of relief.
(The author is practising advocate in Jammu and Kashmir High Court)