Issuing fake passes at Lakhanpur

Taking undue advantage of the people wanting to save on time while entering the UT of Jammu and Kashmir at gateway of Lakhanpur, two cops were found issuing fake passes and were subsequently arrested . One Inspector too was placed under suspension for dereliction of duty. It is matter of concern that those who were supposed to maintain strict vigil and take care in ensuring proper entry of people after fulfilling mandatory formalities, not taking more than 10 minutes at all, were resorting to such a practice . It also adversely reflects the temperament and approach towards respecting order and obeying rules by some travellers that just to cut down on five to ten minutes, they should encourage getting such illegal ”back entry”. Undesirable elements , terrorists, drug peddlers and criminals could steal such short cut opportunity to enter the UT which could be dangerous for life and property of the people.
It is only when higher authorities in Police Department received numerous complaints about issuing fake passes to travellers that the said action was taken. In other words, the vigilance radar of the police force at such a strategic entry point is evidently nonexistent that only after lot many complaints by the people reaching the higher ups in the Department drove them to take the said action . Moreover, the authorities should make the entry point of Lakhanpur more facilities oriented.