Islamist confirmed in lead in Egypt vote-source

CAIRO, June 18: A member of the committee overseeing Egypt’s presidential election confirmed today that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate was in the lead but said the count had yet to be finalised, after the Islamist claim was challenged by his rival.
The Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsy was in a run-off over the weekend with Ahmed Shafik, Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister.
“The results shown by the Morsy campaign on their website which show Morsy in the lead, reflect to a large degree the results tallied by the electoral committee,” the member, who asked not to be named, told.
Other officials contacted by Reuters would not comment on the Brotherhood’s claim.
“The election commission has nothing to do with the announced results,” committee member Mohamed Momtaz said, while a second member Osama Salama said: “We are still conducting the tally process.”


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