Recurring road accidents

Jammu-Srinagar and Jammu- Doda/Bhaderwah roads designated as National Highways are turning to be the killer roads keeping in mind recurrent traffic accidents that consume precious lives. This is the umpteenth time that we are reacting on a situation that is not controlled and contained by the concerned authorities. The main and common causes of traffic accidents along these roads are known to all particularly the traffic department. Sometime back a team detailed by the central road transport organization undertook study and survey of the hilly road and supposedly made some recommendations which are not known to us. But we understand that night driving has been the main cause of accidents. The drivers feel drowsy and lose control on the steering and then the tragic accidents happen. Strangely, the commuters are unable to control their urge of night travel thereby risking their lives for no real superior purpose. Why does not the traffic department devise some rules to control and monitor night travel and save the passengers the fear of death looming on their heads throughout the time of journey. But it has to be said that night travel is not the only cause of road accidents. Even in day time accidents have happened. That could have different reasons which the traffic department should try to find out and then resolve. Traffic department is rife with corruption on all levels more dangerously in issuing clandestine driving licenses. Untrained conductors or helpers are asked to drive the vehicles and these run out of their control because they are not conversant with driving culture. It is high time that the Government constitute a high power committee to examine the entire traffic issue on the two roads mentioned above.


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