Is Buying a Home in Bangalore a Good Investment Decision?

Homes, being big-ticket investments, require considerable research and deliberation. While the factors that impact decision-making could significantly vary depending on whether you’re looking for an owner-occupancy property or an investment property, the most common question that bothers investorsis where to buy a home.

India has been relatively unaffected by global market uncertainties until now. Even so, it won’t be wrong to suggest that not all housing markets in India are performing equally well. In fact, quite a few continue to be in the grips of negative investor sentiments. After analysing many real estate markets in India, we’ve come to the conclusion that Bangalore is one of the safest and most lucrative investment destinations for homebuyers.

In the following section, we’ll look at 5 solid reasons for this.

A property in Bangalore guarantees excellent return on investment

Bangalore, being India’s Silicon Valley, continues to attract people from all over India and even the world. Here’s why it will continue to remain a popular home investment destination in years to come:

1.Bangalore continues to offer high-paying jobs.

After the IT boom of 2000s, many top Indian IT firms and global MNCs had chosen Bangalore as their South Asia base for business. With the growth of the service industry in India over the years, many other global tech giants have flocked to the shores of Bangalore, turning it into a global innovation hub. A number of high-paying jobs in the IT domain continue to be created in Bangalore every year and there is no imminent sign of a slowdown.

Withjobs on offer, Bangalore continues to attract talent from everywhere.Naturally, these people need homes to stay. Renting is the most convenient option for most, especially young professionals, who have a family or are planning on starting one. As disposable incomes increase every year, more and more people are comfortable paying high rent for a home that justifies the ‘price tag’. This is where your home can work like a capital asset. As rent in Bangalore continues to balloon, you can expect stable returns over the years.

2. Expect a reasonable appreciation in property value in the future.

If you’re looking at a fairly long-term horizon of 10 years or more, you can expect the value of your property to appreciate significantly. Reasons? Bangalore is expanding and is truly on its way to becoming a world-class city. There is no reason to believe that the pace of growth would die down anytime soon.

With more Metro routes in the pipeline, public transport, often seen as an Achilles’ heel for the city,is also becoming more efficient.Top international schools, excellent hospitals and medical research units, and exceptional city life ensures that Bangalore would continue to score high on the liveability index. To maximise your return on investment (ROI), however, finding the right home is essential. For example, Total Environment homes offers very high ROI. Schedule a site visit immediately to know why the demand for these homes is always high.

3. Bangalore continues to be a great place to live for the elderly.

While Bangalore is often packaged as a hip-and-happening place – one that is ideal for the young – its appeal to the elderly and the retired, can’t be underestimated. It has beautiful parks, open spaces all over the city, several lakes in and around, a buzzing art and culture scene, and activity centres for the aged. The just-retired and those on the cusp of superannuation, prefer to stay on in Bangalore, simply because it promises a life that few other cities in India can match. Not everyone, however, invests in a property immediately after retirement. Renting is usually a more suitable option. This is where your investment can translate into significant returns.

4. Bangalore offers a well-rounded urban life.

The value of a home is often determined by the quality of roads, reliability of public transport,adequacy of alternative travel modes, availability of basic necessities, such as water and electricity, and expertise insewage management. Taking everything into account, we can say with some confidence that Bangalore has one of the best infrastructure in the country.

The high quality of education further adds to Bangalore’s attractiveness. It offers a perfect mix of private and public education. While it boasts of publicly funded institutions, like IIM and IIT, it also has a number of highly rated private colleges that train and produce some of the most competent professionals in the country. Bangalore has a number of acclaimed schools for children, too.The temperate climate is an added bonus. However, for those who feel that the climate is not what it used to be, we recommend a site visit to After the Rain, a villa-only project, on Sir MVIT College Road, in North Bangalore, to experience a more pleasant microclimate.

Mother Nature has liberally blessed Bangalore with beauty. Planned urbanisation, in Bangalore, has allowed the green cover to remain intact despite rapid industrialisation. As the popularity of this city reaches sky high, homes continue to see more demand.

5. Financing is readily available.

For many, the difference between owning a home and not owning one is determined by their ability to service loans. In Bangalore, finding a financier, who is willing to offer a profitable deal to the borrower, is not unheard of. Some of the biggest public and private lenders in the country have set up shop here and continue to support the real estate industry by offering low-interest loans.

As someone who is looking to invest in a home, if you really feel that Bangalore is worth a shot, check out Total Environment villas. You would love the ambiance and build quality of these homes.